U10s TJFA Division 4 North Riding

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Brompton Juniors65101831516
2SPRS Reds5311167910
3Saltburn Sharks42207078
4Riverside Juniors Reds522112758
5Cleveland Juniors Spartans6222710-38
6SPRS Blues62131015-57
7Saltburn Dolphins6132812-46
8TIBS fc Yellow5203618-126
9Redcar Town Royals5113911-24
10Hemlington fc6015616-101

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Brompton Juniors4v1Redcar Town Royals
Cleveland Juniors Spartans1v4SPRS Reds
SPRS Blues3v2Hemlington fc
Saltburn Dolphins0v0Saltburn Sharks
TIBS fc Yellow0v5Riverside Juniors Reds
Saltburn Sharks0v0Cleveland Juniors Spartans
Hemlington fc1v1Saltburn Dolphins
Redcar Town Royals1v2SPRS Blues
Riverside Juniors Reds0v3Brompton Juniors
SPRS Blues1v2Brompton Juniors
TIBS fc Yellow3v0Hemlington fc
TIBS fc Yellow0v6SPRS Reds
Saltburn Dolphins2v2Redcar Town Royals
Cleveland Juniors Spartans2v1Hemlington fc
Saltburn Sharks5v0TIBS fc Yellow
Brompton Juniors6v1Saltburn Dolphins
Riverside Juniors Reds2v2SPRS Blues
Redcar Town Royals3v0Cleveland Juniors Spartans
Hemlington fc2v4SPRS Reds
Brompton Juniors0v0Cleveland Juniors Spartans
Cleveland Juniors Spartans4v2SPRS Blues
Saltburn Dolphins4v0SPRS Blues
Saltburn Dolphins0v3Riverside Juniors Reds
Brompton Juniors3v0Hemlington fc
Redcar Town Royals2v3TIBS fc Yellow
SPRS Reds2v2Riverside Juniors Reds
Saltburn Sharks2v0SPRS Reds

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