U10 SCI Yarmouth Tournement

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Welwyn Pegasus98101501525
2Gorleston Hawks98012131824
3Hitchin Town950497215
4Welwyn Sapphires942355014
5Alvis Juniors934298113
6Collier Row9405117412
7Gorleston Falcons9324910-111
8Gorleston Ospreys9315108210
9Alvis Juniors Colts9117417-134

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Alvis Juniors1v0Collier Row
Gorleston Ospreys1v0Alvis Juniors Colts
Shrublands0v3Hitchin Town
Alvis Juniors1v0Gorleston Ospreys
Welwyn Sapphires0v0Gorleston Ospreys
Hitchin Town1v0Gorleston Falcons
Welwyn Pegasus3v0Shrublands
Gorleston Hawks4v1Alvis Juniors Colts
Gorleston Ospreys1v0Collier Row
Welwyn Pegasus4v0Alvis Juniors Colts
Welwyn Sapphires0v2Gorleston Hawks
Welwyn Pegasus1v0Collier Row
Gorleston Hawks3v0Gorleston Falcons
Alvis Juniors3v3Shrublands
Gorleston Falcons2v0Shrublands
Hitchin Town2v0Alvis Juniors Colts
Hitchin Town0v1Welwyn Sapphires
Gorleston Falcons0v2Welwyn Pegasus
Alvis Juniors1v0Welwyn Sapphires
Gorleston Hawks2v0Collier Row
Shrublands0v3Collier Row
Gorleston Ospreys7v0Shrublands
Hitchin Town1v0Alvis Juniors
Welwyn Sapphires1v0Collier Row
Alvis Juniors Colts0v2Gorleston Falcons
Gorleston Hawks5v0Shrublands
Welwyn Pegasus0v0Alvis Juniors
Collier Row3v0Hitchin Town
Gorleston Ospreys0v2Gorleston Falcons
Alvis Juniors Colts0v1Welwyn Sapphires
Alvis Juniors1v2Gorleston Hawks
Welwyn Sapphires0v0Gorleston Falcons
Alvis Juniors Colts0v3Collier Row
Welwyn Pegasus1v0Hitchin Town
Gorleston Hawks2v0Gorleston Ospreys
Alvis Juniors2v2Gorleston Falcons
Welwyn Sapphires0v2Welwyn Pegasus
Alvis Juniors Colts3v0Shrublands
Hitchin Town2v1Gorleston Ospreys
Collier Row2v1Gorleston Falcons
Welwyn Pegasus1v0Gorleston Hawks
Alvis Juniors0v0Alvis Juniors Colts
Welwyn Sapphires2v0Shrublands
Gorleston Ospreys0v1Welwyn Pegasus
Gorleston Hawks1v0Hitchin Town

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