U10 Orange Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Potters Bar Raiders1694350272331
2Wormley Reds1793544331130
3Broxbourne Royals1565440281223
4St Albans East1572639291023
6Harpenden Lightnings146352922721
7St Albans South105322323018
8Welwyn Skys164483954-1516
9Elite Feet135083339-615
10Welwyn Sapphires163672834-615
11Wheathampstead Sharks1530121668-529

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Wormley Reds1v0Welwyn Sapphires
St Albans South1v1St Albans East
Potters Bar Raiders5v0Welwyn Skys
Wheathampstead Sharks0v6Bedwell
Elite Feet0v2Wormley Reds
Welwyn Skys2v2St Albans East
Wheathampstead Sharks1v2Welwyn Sapphires
Harpenden Lightnings0v1Wheathampstead Sharks
St Albans South2v2Potters Bar Raiders
Elite Feet1v5Potters Bar Raiders
Welwyn Sapphires1v1St Albans South
Welwyn Skys0v2Wormley Reds
St Albans East2v0Bedwell
Wheathampstead Sharks1v7Broxbourne Royals
St Albans South0v4Wormley Reds
Welwyn Skys2v2Welwyn Sapphires
Bedwell1v0Elite Feet
Potters Bar Raiders3v0Welwyn Sapphires
Harpenden Lightnings0v2St Albans South
Wormley Reds1v2Broxbourne Royals
Elite Feet5v0Wheathampstead Sharks
Bedwell8v2Welwyn Skys
Wheathampstead Sharks0v3Wormley Reds
St Albans East5v0Welwyn Skys
Welwyn Sapphires2v2Harpenden Lightnings
Broxbourne Royals2v2Potters Bar Raiders
Welwyn Skys2v4Elite Feet
Wheathampstead Sharks0v4Harpenden Lightnings
Wormley Reds4v6St Albans South
Broxbourne Royals3v0Bedwell
Welwyn Skys6v1St Albans South
Harpenden Lightnings2v1Potters Bar Raiders
Elite Feet0v4Bedwell
Welwyn Sapphires0v1St Albans East
St Albans South4v3Elite Feet
Potters Bar Raiders4v1Wheathampstead Sharks
Welwyn Sapphires2v2Welwyn Skys
St Albans East3v4Harpenden Lightnings
Bedwell1v5Wormley Reds
Elite Feet6v3Welwyn Sapphires
Wormley Reds2v2Potters Bar Raiders
Harpenden Lightnings3v0Bedwell
Broxbourne Royals3v3Welwyn Skys
Wheathampstead Sharks2v8St Albans East
St Albans South4v2Welwyn Sapphires
Bedwell5v4Potters Bar Raiders
Potters Bar Raiders2v0St Albans East
Bedwell11v2Wheathampstead Sharks
St Albans East0v2St Albans South
Wheathampstead Sharks1v8Potters Bar Raiders
Welwyn Sapphires3v1Broxbourne Royals
Wormley Reds5v3Welwyn Skys
Broxbourne Royals3v3Wormley Reds
Bedwell3v2St Albans East
Welwyn Skys4v3Broxbourne Royals
Wormley Reds0v2Wheathampstead Sharks
St Albans East2v4Potters Bar Raiders
Wheathampstead Sharks2v4Welwyn Skys
Welwyn Skys2v3Potters Bar Raiders
Welwyn Sapphires2v3Wheathampstead Sharks
Elite Feet2v0Harpenden Lightnings
Potters Bar Raiders2v1Broxbourne Royals
Harpenden Lightnings4v2St Albans East
Elite Feet6v4Welwyn Skys
St Albans East2v1Wormley Reds
Broxbourne Royals4v0Wheathampstead Sharks
Wormley Reds2v7Harpenden Lightnings
Welwyn Sapphires5v2Potters Bar Raiders
Elite Feet1v5St Albans East
St Albans East4v3Broxbourne Royals
Potters Bar Raiders1v1Wormley Reds
Harpenden Lightnings1v3Welwyn Skys
Harpenden Lightnings0v0Broxbourne Royals
Elite Feet2v3Broxbourne Royals
Wormley Reds6v3Elite Feet
Broxbourne Royals2v2Welwyn Sapphires
Welwyn Sapphires1v2Wormley Reds
Harpenden Lightnings1v1Welwyn Sapphires
Broxbourne Royals3v1Harpenden Lightnings

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