U10 - Ador Avenue

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tricky Tigers 1981061144725
3Brighton Eagles1061347311619
4Allstars U91052370244617
5Tricky Tigers 2951332201216
6Strikers United104153335-213
7Sans Souci Devils102081571-566
8Lighting Legends102081674-586
9Allstar Girls8008555-500

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SWAT10v1Sans Souci Devils
Allstars U916v0Lighting Legends
Tricky Tigers 25v1Brighton Eagles
Tricky Tigers 15v1Strikers United
Brighton Eagles3v9Tricky Tigers 1
Lighting Legends1v9Tricky Tigers 2
Sans Souci Devils1v6Allstars U9
SWAT2v0Strikers United
Tricky Tigers 112v1Lighting Legends
Brighton Eagles6v3Strikers United
Allstars U96v1Sans Souci Devils
Allstar Girls2v4Tricky Tigers 2
Sans Souci Devils3v0Allstar Girls
Lighting Legends0v9Brighton Eagles
SWAT7v5Allstars U9
SWAT4v4Tricky Tigers 1
Allstar Girls0v3Lighting Legends
Sans Souci Devils0v10Brighton Eagles
Strikers United3v3Allstars U9
Tricky Tigers 110v1Sans Souci Devils
Brighton Eagles6v0Allstar Girls
Lighting Legends1v4Strikers United
Tricky Tigers 21v0SWAT
Brighton Eagles4v4SWAT
Allstar Girls0v7Strikers United
Tricky Tigers 23v3Allstars U9
Lighting Legends5v2Sans Souci Devils
SWAT6v2Tricky Tigers 2
SWAT6v1Lighting Legends
Allstars U91v3Tricky Tigers 1
Strikers United1v7Tricky Tigers 2
Sans Souci Devils5v2Allstar Girls
Allstar Girls1v10SWAT
Sans Souci Devils1v7Strikers United
Tricky Tigers 14v0Tricky Tigers 2
Brighton Eagles5v2Allstars U9
Allstars U911v1Lighting Legends
Brighton Eagles2v1Tricky Tigers 2
Strikers United2v7Tricky Tigers 1
SWAT15v0Sans Souci Devils
Brighton Eagles1v7Tricky Tigers 1
Allstar Girls0v17Allstars U9
Lighting Legends3v5Strikers United

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