U09A Mytchett2016

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Mytchett Athletic Kestrels55001211115
2Cove Youth Tigers52216428
3Aldershot B&G Tigers Reds52216428
4Camberley Boys Royals52213308
5Windsor Youth Hurricanes510439-63
6Mytchett Athletic Eagles500509-90

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Windsor Youth Hurricanes1v3Cove Youth Tigers
Mytchett Athletic Eagles0v3Mytchett Athletic Kestrels
Aldershot B&G Tigers Reds0v0Camberley Boys Royals
Cove Youth Tigers1v1Aldershot B&G Tigers Reds
Camberley Boys Royals1v0Mytchett Athletic Eagles
Windsor Youth Hurricanes0v2Mytchett Athletic Kestrels
Mytchett Athletic Kestrels2v1Cove Youth Tigers
Aldershot B&G Tigers Reds3v0Mytchett Athletic Eagles
Windsor Youth Hurricanes1v2Camberley Boys Royals
Mytchett Athletic Eagles0v1Windsor Youth Hurricanes
Cove Youth Tigers0v0Camberley Boys Royals
Mytchett Athletic Kestrels3v0Aldershot B&G Tigers Reds
Cove Youth Tigers1v0Mytchett Athletic Eagles
Aldershot B&G Tigers Reds2v0Windsor Youth Hurricanes
Camberley Boys Royals0v2Mytchett Athletic Kestrels

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