U-11 Division 7

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1South Tyneside Tornados1190273284527
2Brandon United FC1162350272320
3Shotton Colts960344271718
4Seaton United Lions852141202117
5Deerness Valley Lightning951343311216
6South Moor Bears115153742-516
7Birtley Town FC950445331215
8Washington Juniors94053535012
9Leam Rangers FC104063959-2012
10Hetton Juniors Milan83142928110
11Durham United FC Lions111192586-614
12Durham County FC Colts101091863-453

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South Tyneside Tornados8v2South Moor Bears
Durham United FC Lions5v5Hetton Juniors Milan
Brandon United FC1v2Shotton Colts
Durham United FC Lions1v10Brandon United FC
South Moor Bears1v3Shotton Colts
Leam Rangers FC5v4Washington Juniors
Durham County FC Colts4v8Deerness Valley Lightning
Seaton United Lions3v2South Tyneside Tornados
Seaton United Lions3v3South Moor Bears
Birtley Town FC4v5Durham County FC Colts
Brandon United FC1v1Deerness Valley Lightning
Shotton Colts11v3Leam Rangers FC
Washington Juniors11v3Durham United FC Lions
South Tyneside Tornados4v1Hetton Juniors Milan
Hetton Juniors Milan4v2Seaton United Lions
Deerness Valley Lightning4v2Washington Juniors
Brandon United FC5v2Birtley Town FC
Shotton Colts4v3Deerness Valley Lightning
Durham United FC Lions1v5Deerness Valley Lightning
South Tyneside Tornados7v5Deerness Valley Lightning
Deerness Valley Lightning4v8Birtley Town FC
Deerness Valley Lightning4v1South Moor Bears
Deerness Valley Lightning9v3Leam Rangers FC
Durham United FC Lions1v10Shotton Colts
South Moor Bears6v3Leam Rangers FC
Durham County FC Colts0v10South Tyneside Tornados
Brandon United FC6v2Leam Rangers FC
Shotton Colts3v7South Moor Bears
Durham United FC Lions2v1Durham County FC Colts
Birtley Town FC4v8South Tyneside Tornados
Seaton United Lions7v2Durham County FC Colts
Leam Rangers FC4v3Durham United FC Lions
Hetton Juniors Milan3v2South Moor Bears
Washington Juniors0v4Birtley Town FC
South Tyneside Tornados3v5Brandon United FC
Brandon United FC2v2Seaton United Lions
South Moor Bears8v3Durham United FC Lions
Birtley Town FC4v1Shotton Colts
Durham County FC Colts2v10Hetton Juniors Milan
Washington Juniors3v6South Tyneside Tornados
Seaton United Lions12v2Durham United FC Lions
South Moor Bears2v0Durham County FC Colts
Shotton Colts8v1Durham County FC Colts
Leam Rangers FC6v3Birtley Town FC
Leam Rangers FC5v7Seaton United Lions
Leam Rangers FC5v3Hetton Juniors Milan
Hetton Juniors Milan1v4Brandon United FC
South Moor Bears5v4Brandon United FC
Brandon United FC7v2Durham County FC Colts
Birtley Town FC8v4Durham United FC Lions
Birtley Town FC8v0South Moor Bears
Shotton Colts2v6South Tyneside Tornados
South Tyneside Tornados7v3Leam Rangers FC
Durham United FC Lions0v12South Tyneside Tornados
Seaton United Lions5v0Washington Juniors
Washington Juniors4v2Hetton Juniors Milan
Durham County FC Colts1v5Washington Juniors
Washington Juniors6v5Brandon United FC

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