Turniej AP

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1AP Stomil I43101751210
2UKS Stawiguda42116427
3Stomil 2004411246-24
4AP Stomil II4112613-74
5GLKS Gietrzwald410349-53

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AP Stomil I1v1UKS Stawiguda
GLKS Gietrzwald0v2AP Stomil II
Stomil 20042v2AP Stomil II
GLKS Gietrzwald1v4AP Stomil I
GLKS Gietrzwald2v3UKS Stawiguda
AP Stomil I3v1Stomil 2004
AP Stomil I9v2AP Stomil II
Stomil 20041v0UKS Stawiguda
Stomil 20040v1GLKS Gietrzwald
AP Stomil II0v2UKS Stawiguda

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