Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Service Down Under16140248532516056
2Suck My Dig16121346831715150
3Game Of Browns14120242527115448
4Free Ballin161015428431-342
5Desert Rats16100649538011540
6Kaja Waja168174643947034
7Volley Brawlers 107032832552828
9Heavy Sets16619441508-6726
10Cool Beans162113387498-11110
11Glass Knees161114332529-1976

Viewed 4 times

Cool Beans18v38Suck My Dig
LubDubs21v35Suck My Dig
Free Ballin30v24Heavy Sets
Free Ballin29v23Cool Beans
Heavy Sets37v26LubDubs
Service Down Under30v20MisFits
Desert Rats36v21MisFits
Desert Rats12v28Service Down Under
Game Of Browns41v12Glass Knees
Glass Knees14v48Kaja Waja
Game Of Browns21v23Kaja Waja
Game Of Browns10v5MisFits
Suck My Dig10v5Kaja Waja
Glass Knees23v33MisFits
Cool Beans22v26MisFits
Free Ballin34v28Glass Knees
Heavy Sets32v30Cool Beans
Heavy Sets22v28Free Ballin
Suck My Dig29v22Desert Rats
Game Of Browns17v37Service Down Under
Kaja Waja26v28Service Down Under
Kaja Waja45v13LubDubs
Desert Rats40v26LubDubs
Suck My Dig27v27Free Ballin
Suck My Dig25v28Kaja Waja
Game Of Browns33v17Volley Brawlers
Desert Rats23v31Kaja Waja
MisFits22v28Free Ballin
Cool Beans34v20Desert Rats
Glass Knees22v30MisFits
Service Down Under33v23Cool Beans
Service Down Under25v15Glass Knees
Volley Brawlers 34v19LubDubs
Heavy Sets22v51Game Of Browns
Heavy Sets35v31LubDubs
Free Ballin29v24MisFits
Service Down Under38v11Free Ballin
Kaja Waja44v19LubDubs
Kaja Waja21v38Service Down Under
Suck My Dig32v17Glass Knees
Game Of Browns35v17Heavy Sets
Game Of Browns37v23Desert Rats
Cool Beans19v36Desert Rats
Glass Knees29v29Cool Beans
Heavy Sets9v43Suck My Dig
Volley Brawlers 26v25MisFits
Heavy Sets35v21Cool Beans
Free Ballin32v20Cool Beans
LubDubs13v56Heavy Sets
Desert Rats31v16Free Ballin
Desert Rats44v16LubDubs
Game Of Browns22v17Volley Brawlers
Service Down Under33v23Suck My Dig
Game Of Browns27v23Suck My Dig
Glass Knees19v33MisFits
Glass Knees15v41Service Down Under
Kaja Waja24v36Suck My Dig
Free Ballin25v26Suck My Dig
Service Down Under37v19MisFits
Desert Rats38v21MisFits
Heavy Sets17v36Service Down Under
Glass Knees19v32Desert Rats
Volley Brawlers 35v33Heavy Sets
Volley Brawlers 30v21Glass Knees
LubDubs23v33Free Ballin
Cool Beans21v29Game Of Browns
LubDubs20v36Game Of Browns
Cool Beans27v38Kaja Waja
LubDubs20v40Desert Rats
Free Ballin15v46Desert Rats
Service Down Under27v25LubDubs
Heavy Sets28v23Free Ballin
Game Of Browns29v17Service Down Under
Game Of Browns37v17Heavy Sets
Suck My Dig30v20Kaja Waja
Glass Knees18v36Volley Brawlers
Glass Knees34v15Cool Beans
Volley Brawlers 27v36Kaja Waja
MisFits37v28Cool Beans
MisFits11v37Suck My Dig
Free Ballin31v29Kaja Waja
Kaja Waja29v29Heavy Sets
MisFits20v37Free Ballin
Suck My Dig23v17Kaja Waja
Service Down Under24v21MisFits
Service Down Under13v31Suck My Dig
Cool Beans35v22Glass Knees
Volley Brawlers 26v24Desert Rats
Cool Beans22v28Desert Rats
Heavy Sets28v40LubDubs
Volley Brawlers 35v24Glass Knees