Tuesday Invitation League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kingmills B1091064362828
2Travellers A1072162382423
3Kingmills A1071259411822
4Bersham Club1070363372621
5Miners Brymbo105145446816
6Gwersyllt Club105055347615
7Travellers B104154654-813
8Golden Lion Wxm102354654-89
9Crown Summerhill102083565-306
10Black Lion Rhos101183664-284

Viewed 377 times

Black Lion Rhos4v6Kingmills B
Kingmills A9v1Crown Summerhill
Golden Lion Wxm5v5Travellers B
Travellers A6v4Miners Brymbo
Gwersyllt Club3v7Bersham Club
Fairfield6v4Golden Lion Wxm
Kingmills B7v3Kingmills A
Travellers B6v4Black Lion Rhos
Crown Summerhill4v6Travellers A
Miners Brymbo7v3Gwersyllt Club
Black Lion Rhos7v3Fairfield
Kingmills A8v2Travellers B
Bersham Club8v2Miners Brymbo
Gwersyllt Club7v3Crown Summerhill
Travellers A5v5Kingmills B
Fairfield4v6Kingmills A
Crown Summerhill1v9Bersham Club
Kingmills B6v4Gwersyllt Club
Travellers B4v6Travellers A
Golden Lion Wxm5v5Black Lion Rhos
Bersham Club2v8Kingmills B
Kingmills A6v4Golden Lion Wxm
Miners Brymbo7v3Crown Summerhill
Travellers A8v2Fairfield
Gwersyllt Club6v4Travellers B
Black Lion Rhos3v7Kingmills A
Travellers B6v4Bersham Club
Kingmills B6v4Miners Brymbo
Golden Lion Wxm5v5Travellers A
Fairfield2v8Gwersyllt Club
Travellers A9v1Black Lion Rhos
Crown Summerhill3v7Kingmills B
Bersham Club7v3Fairfield
Miners Brymbo8v2Travellers B
Gwersyllt Club7v3Golden Lion Wxm
Fairfield1v9Miners Brymbo
Travellers B6v4Crown Summerhill
Black Lion Rhos3v7Gwersyllt Club
Golden Lion Wxm3v7Bersham Club
Kingmills A2v8Travellers A
Bersham Club9v1Black Lion Rhos
Kingmills B6v4Travellers B
Crown Summerhill6v4Fairfield
Miners Brymbo2v8Golden Lion Wxm
Gwersyllt Club4v6Kingmills A
Golden Lion Wxm6v4Crown Summerhill
Black Lion Rhos4v6Miners Brymbo
Kingmills A7v3Bersham Club
Travellers A6v4Gwersyllt Club
Fairfield4v6Kingmills B
Crown Summerhill6v4Black Lion Rhos
Kingmills B7v3Golden Lion Wxm
Travellers B7v3Fairfield
Miners Brymbo5v5Kingmills A
Bersham Club7v3Travellers A

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