Tuesday Fitcap league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Weekend3300284249
2Kroos Control 3111912-34
3Borussia Teeth 31111014-44
4Puyol-ya-pants down00000000
5Umdah United 00000000
6Milan FC00000000
7Rangers FC00000000
8Mandem FC00000000
92 Goals 1 cup 00000000
10Meb FC00000000
11Al Ittihad 00000000
12Lads on Toure 00000000
13Block Two seven 3003421-170
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Viewed 30 times

Block Two seven 3v6Borussia Teeth
The Weekend8v1Borussia Teeth
The Weekend11v1Block Two seven
Kroos Control 4v0Block Two seven
Kroos Control 3v3Borussia Teeth
Kroos Control 2v9The Weekend

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