Tuesday C grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Interracial Sets16130361239421852
2Dig This14130144332012352
3Kiss My Pass171007505498740
5Hit & Miss143011335464-12912
6Heads In The Sand153012382520-13812

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FAANZ24v32Interracial Sets
FAANZ22v33Interracial Sets
Kiss My Pass30v16FAANZ
Heads In The Sand22v39Kiss My Pass
Heads In The Sand25v27Dig This
Heads In The Sand26v38FAANZ
Kiss My Pass33v21FAANZ
Interracial Sets27v32Heads In The Sand
Dig This29v23Kiss My Pass
Hit & Miss21v50Interracial Sets
Hit & Miss26v36Dig This
Dig This30v19Kiss My Pass
Heads In The Sand26v33Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets30v33Dig This
Hit & Miss27v49Heads In The Sand
FAANZ25v37Interracial Sets
FAANZ59v14Hit & Miss
Dig This43v24Hit & Miss
Heads In The Sand28v36Hit & Miss
FAANZ20v24Dig This
Kiss My Pass37v24Heads In The Sand
Interracial Sets51v19FAANZ
Interracial Sets43v21Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets48v18Heads In The Sand
Dig This29v24Interracial Sets
Kiss My Pass23v43Dig This
FAANZ17v37Hit & Miss
FAANZ20v36Kiss My Pass
Heads In The Sand17v51FAANZ
Hit & Miss26v36Dig This
Interracial Sets43v23Heads In The Sand
Kiss My Pass33v31Hit & Miss
Kiss My Pass27v40Interracial Sets
FAANZ25v34Interracial Sets
Kiss My Pass29v35FAANZ
Dig This33v23Hit & Miss
Heads In The Sand27v33Kiss My Pass
Heads In The Sand28v40Dig This
FAANZ29v35Interracial Sets
Hit & Miss28v29Kiss My Pass
Hit & Miss42v23FAANZ
Heads In The Sand14v0Hit & Miss
Dig This14v0Hit & Miss
Kiss My Pass29v26Dig This
FAANZ37v31Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets44v23FAANZ
Interracial Sets41v23Heads In The Sand

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