Tuesday C Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Zamba 22210171549422184
2Interracial Sets22150770658212460
3Kiss My Pass221129596612-1648
5Volleyball Bags22101116496133642
6Hit & Miss228113592658-6634
7Dig This226115546646-10026
8Naomi's Team222119550708-15810

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Dig This23v38Volleyball Bags
FAANZ28v42Volleyball Bags
Interracial Sets42v18Dig This
Kiss My Pass27v29FAANZ
Zamba 36v27Interracial Sets
Hit & Miss31v23Kiss My Pass
Naomi's Team18v49Zamba
Naomi's Team29v43Hit & Miss
FAANZ27v24Kiss My Pass
FAANZ27v24Kiss My Pass
FAANZ27v24Dig This
Kiss My Pass27v24Dig This
Kiss My Pass27v24Dig This
Volleyball Bags27v30Hit & Miss
Volleyball Bags27v30Hit & Miss
Volleyball Bags27v23Hit & Miss
Volleyball Bags27v23Hit & Miss
Dig This25v27Hit & Miss
Dig This25v27Hit & Miss
Interracial Sets25v20Hit & Miss
Interracial Sets25v20Hit & Miss
Interracial Sets25v20Naomi's Team
Interracial Sets25v20Naomi's Team
Zamba 25v20Naomi's Team
Zamba 25v20Naomi's Team
Zamba 25v20Naomi's Team
Zamba 25v20Naomi's Team
Kiss My Pass23v23Dig This
Hit & Miss29v33FAANZ
Zamba 23v33Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets46v25Hit & Miss
Volleyball Bags25v41Zamba
Volleyball Bags25v41Interracial Sets
Interracial Sets37v26Dig This
Volleyball Bags37v26Dig This
Kiss My Pass37v26Interracial Sets
Naomi's Team31v40Volleyball Bags
Zamba 31v26Kiss My Pass
FAANZ31v22Naomi's Team
Zamba 46v25Hit & Miss
FAANZ22v25Hit & Miss
Volleyball Bags22v25Zamba
Kiss My Pass32v25FAANZ
Interracial Sets25v33Volleyball Bags
Dig This25v33Kiss My Pass
Naomi's Team25v33Interracial Sets
Naomi's Team25v33Dig This
Naomi's Team25v27Interracial Sets
Hit & Miss25v27Interracial Sets
Volleyball Bags25v27Naomi's Team
Kiss My Pass30v27Hit & Miss
Dig This30v27Volleyball Bags
FAANZ26v27Kiss My Pass
Zamba 40v18Dig This
Zamba 40v18FAANZ
Dig This24v27Zamba
Volleyball Bags24v27Zamba
Kiss My Pass24v27Dig This
FAANZ24v27Volleyball Bags
Naomi's Team24v27Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets38v40FAANZ
Hit & Miss38v38Naomi's Team
Hit & Miss26v38Interracial Sets
Volleyball Bags19v27FAANZ
Dig This19v27FAANZ
Zamba 32v27Volleyball Bags
Hit & Miss23v27Dig This
Kiss My Pass23v27Zamba
Naomi's Team23v27Hit & Miss
Interracial Sets23v27Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets37v27Naomi's Team
Hit & Miss24v38Volleyball Bags
Kiss My Pass24v24Volleyball Bags
Zamba 30v24Hit & Miss
Dig This23v30Kiss My Pass
Naomi's Team23v30Zamba
Interracial Sets23v30Dig This
FAANZ40v30Naomi's Team
FAANZ40v30Interracial Sets
Volleyball Bags23v27Zamba
Dig This30v27FAANZ
Naomi's Team25v45Volleyball Bags
Interracial Sets28v22Dig This
Kiss My Pass33v38Naomi's Team
Kiss My Pass15v58Interracial Sets

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