Tuesday C Grade Mixed

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kamikazes 18141371342029358
2Kiss My Pass1812155545282650
4Set 4 Life181116439724-2856

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Kiss My Pass24v29Set 4 Life
Kamikazes 48v28Set 4 Life
D.O.A28v28Kiss My Pass
Set 4 Life28v28D.O.A
Kamikazes 41v20D.O.A
Kiss My Pass33v18Set 4 Life
Kiss My Pass22v28Kamikazes
D.O.A30v20Set 4 Life
D.O.A51v30Set 4 Life
Kiss My Pass43v23Set 4 Life
Kamikazes 35v26D.O.A
Kamikazes 25v30Kiss My Pass
Set 4 Life29v30Kiss My Pass
Kamikazes 29v30Kiss My Pass
Kamikazes 43v22Set 4 Life
Kamikazes 44v19Kiss My Pass
Kiss My Pass42v30D.O.A
Set 4 Life23v48Kamikazes
Set 4 Life10v20D.O.A
Kamikazes 47v24D.O.A
Kiss My Pass34v24D.O.A
Kiss My Pass43v25Set 4 Life
D.O.A28v39Kiss My Pass
Set 4 Life25v33Kiss My Pass
Kamikazes 41v14D.O.A
Kamikazes 70v16Set 4 Life
Kiss My Pass20v38Kamikazes
Set 4 Life25v29Kiss My Pass
Set 4 Life31v57D.O.A
Kamikazes 54v23Set 4 Life
Kiss My Pass40v34Set 4 Life
D.O.A46v15Kiss My Pass

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