Tuesday C Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1I'd Hit That22190380260220076
2The Rabbit & His Bunnies22150779559719860
3Fluke On16140253541112456
4Kiss My Pass22100127246556940
6Ball Busters15708479513-3428
7Beach Please226016676863-18724
9Ball Busters5104132192-604
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DAWG28v38Ball Busters
Fluke On22v43Ball Busters
AAMPDI25v26Fluke On
The Rabbit & His Bunnies33v37I'd Hit That
Kiss My Pass45v21Beach Please
Kiss My Pass28v39The Rabbit & His Bunnies
I'd Hit That54v23Beach Please
Fluke On31v28Kiss My Pass
DAWG20v37The Rabbit & His Bunnies
Beach Please31v36The Rabbit & His Bunnies
I'd Hit That28v21DAWG
I'd Hit That42v28Beach Please
Ball Busters22v40Kiss My Pass
AAMPDI25v30Fluke On
AAMPDI33v22Ball Busters
Beach Please28v44Kiss My Pass
Ball Busters29v31I'd Hit That
The Rabbit & His Bunnies31v29I'd Hit That
AAMPDI19v37Ball Busters
AAMPDI19v40The Rabbit & His Bunnies
Kiss My Pass26v17DAWG
Beach Please22v37Fluke On
Fluke On29v18DAWG
The Rabbit & His Bunnies27v41Beach Please
Fluke On48v27Beach Please
DAWG33v27The Rabbit & His Bunnies
I'd Hit That25v31Fluke On
Kiss My Pass43v16DAWG
AAMPDI23v41I'd Hit That
AAMPDI27v45Kiss My Pass
I'd Hit That38v30Kiss My Pass
DAWG22v31Kiss My Pass
Ball Busters42v29I'd Hit That
The Rabbit & His Bunnies64v12DAWG
Beach Please43v36Ball Busters
AAMPDI22v40The Rabbit & His Bunnies
AAMPDI48v32Beach Please
I'd Hit That31v25DAWG
Ball Busters24v41I'd Hit That
Beach Please35v41AAMPDI
Kiss My Pass43v32Ball Busters
The Rabbit & His Bunnies48v20Beach Please
The Rabbit & His Bunnies27v36Fluke On
Kiss My Pass21v39Fluke On
The Rabbit & His Bunnies45v27AAMPDI
Ball Busters34v28The Rabbit & His Bunnies
Kiss My Pass33v39DAWG
Beach Please30v43Ball Busters
I'd Hit That34v25Kiss My Pass
I'd Hit That29v26Fluke On
Fluke On41v22Beach Please
Ball Busters35v28Beach Please
I'd Hit That51v24Beach Please
The Rabbit & His Bunnies51v18Ball Busters
AAMPDI17v44I'd Hit That
Fluke On30v20The Rabbit & His Bunnies
Kiss My Pass32v33AAMPDI
Kiss My Pass25v34Fluke On
Kiss My Pass30v35The Rabbit & His Bunnies
Fluke On35v18The Rabbit & His Bunnies
I'd Hit That28v22Kiss My Pass
Beach Please36v40Fluke On
Ball Busters29v41I'd Hit That
AAMPDI34v42Beach Please
AAMPDI46v32Ball Busters
DAWG33v36Ball Busters
The Rabbit & His Bunnies35v18Ball Busters
Beach Please44v25DAWG
Beach Please32v46The Rabbit & His Bunnies
I'd Hit That39v33AAMPDI
Kiss My Pass45v23AAMPDI
Kiss My Pass34v36I'd Hit That
Kiss My Pass19v32The Rabbit & His Bunnies
DAWG26v36The Rabbit & His Bunnies
DAWG29v35Kiss My Pass
Beach Please39v17Ball Busters
AAMPDI28v29I'd Hit That
AAMPDI25v28Beach Please
Ball Busters24v45I'd Hit That

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