Tuesday Billiards

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Tony Burns 2200400348524
2Colin McCarthy 1100200931072
3Jimmy Wood 1100200120802
4Gary Roberts 1100200146542
5Gordon Oconnor 1100200159412
6Robbie Ward1100200188122
7Tommy Melia 1001188200-120
8Harry Warburton 1001159200-410
9Tony Donahue 2002348400-520
10Bob Hulme 1001146200-540
11Liam Dempster 1001120200-800
12Colin Bradshaw 100193200-1070

Viewed 61 times

Tony Burns 200v174Tony Donahue
Tony Burns 200v174Tony Donahue
Robbie Ward200v188Tommy Melia
Jimmy Wood 200v120Liam Dempster
Gordon Oconnor 200v159Harry Warburton
Bob Hulme 146v200Gary Roberts
Colin McCarthy 200v93Colin Bradshaw

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