Tuesday B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Full Damage2014155594679258
2DNA Steelers2013075054852052
3Beach Slapped2013075215041752
5Mixed Nuts209110511519-838
6Beach Please2090114904791136
7New Gen203116435619-18414
8Smack That162113277377-10010

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Beach Please27v17New Gen
Full Damage10v45New Gen
DNA Steelers17v42Beach Please
Beach Slapped41v21Full Damage
Mixed Nuts45v13DNA Steelers
Mixed Nuts26v31Beach Slapped
Full Damage25v34New Gen
Beach Slapped32v27New Gen
Mixed Nuts28v25Full Damage
Beach Please27v30Beach Slapped
Sandivers18v28Mixed Nuts
DNA Steelers34v20Beach Please
DNA Steelers33v27Sandivers
Beach Please5v2Beach Slapped
DNA Steelers5v2Smack That
DNA Steelers5v2Smack That
Full Damage5v2Smack That
New Gen29v29Full Damage
Sandivers36v17New Gen
DNA Steelers15v12Smack That
Beach Slapped15v36Sandivers
Beach Please20v27DNA Steelers
Mixed Nuts17v40Beach Slapped
Mixed Nuts25v17Beach Please
Beach Please26v32Beach Slapped
Full Damage35v25Beach Slapped
DNA Steelers26v31Beach Please
Mixed Nuts22v31Full Damage
Sandivers18v39DNA Steelers
New Gen18v26Mixed Nuts
Smack That23v26Sandivers
Smack That19v26New Gen
Full Damage30v24Beach Please
Mixed Nuts21v27Beach Slapped
Beach Slapped15v37Full Damage
New Gen18v46Mixed Nuts
DNA Steelers36v20Beach Slapped
Sandivers39v17New Gen
Sandivers34v24DNA Steelers
Sandivers39v13Beach Please
Full Damage31v19Beach Please
Beach Slapped21v30Sandivers
DNA Steelers21v30Full Damage
Smack That24v29Beach Slapped
Mixed Nuts17v40DNA Steelers
New Gen17v36Smack That
New Gen17v31Mixed Nuts
Smack That9v36Sandivers
Full Damage27v19Sandivers
Beach Slapped25v20Smack That
Mixed Nuts19v33Full Damage
New Gen21v29Beach Slapped
Beach Please21v24Mixed Nuts
Beach Please36v22New Gen
Smack That25v31DNA Steelers
Full Damage34v18DNA Steelers
Mixed Nuts23v23Smack That
Beach Please28v19Full Damage
Sandivers38v13Mixed Nuts
New Gen10v42Beach Please
New Gen7v38Sandivers
Full Damage41v18Smack That
Beach Please25v12Sandivers
New Gen25v30Full Damage
Beach Slapped27v24Sandivers
New Gen26v36DNA Steelers
Mixed Nuts18v28Beach Slapped
Mixed Nuts34v28DNA Steelers
Beach Please42v12Smack That
Smack That23v21New Gen
DNA Steelers29v21New Gen
Beach Slapped30v27Smack That
Mixed Nuts25v28DNA Steelers
Full Damage26v22Beach Slapped
Sandivers25v23Mixed Nuts
Beach Please13v40Full Damage
Beach Please12v30Sandivers

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