Tuesday B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sets Of Anarchy20170357433224268
2Run A Muk22160659346313064
3Beach Slapped2213185645036154
7Crack In My Sand222119427686-25910
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Beach Slapped19v25Run A Muk
Chops22v25Run A Muk
Crack In My Sand23v23Beach Slapped
Sets Of Anarchy28v17Crack In My Sand
Kamakazies16v28Sets Of Anarchy
Crack In My Sand17v40Kamakazies
Sets Of Anarchy17v18Kamakazies
Run A Muk28v10Crack In My Sand
Units11v48Sets Of Anarchy
Chops23v33Run A Muk
Beach Slapped36v18Units
Beach Slapped30v10Chops
Sets Of Anarchy34v19Run A Muk
Chops19v37Run A Muk
Kamakazies14v26Sets Of Anarchy
Beach Slapped18v24Chops
Crack In My Sand18v26Kamakazies
Units29v32Beach Slapped
Units26v15Crack In My Sand
Crack In My Sand23v33Units
Kamakazies19v28Run A Muk
Run A Muk34v23Crack In My Sand
Beach Slapped12v28Sets Of Anarchy
Chops18v32Sets Of Anarchy
Chops40v32Beach Slapped
Sets Of Anarchy26v17Run A Muk
Units21v33Run A Muk
Crack In My Sand19v31Sets Of Anarchy
Crack In My Sand12v37Units
Chops21v25Beach Slapped
Kamakazies19v35Beach Slapped
Units20v25Sets Of Anarchy
Chops19v35Sets Of Anarchy
Run A Muk20v34Units
Beach Slapped34v23Crack In My Sand
Beach Slapped23v26Run A Muk
Crack In My Sand13v33Kamakazies
Beach Slapped33v18Units
Run A Muk25v17Beach Slapped
Run A Muk35v14Kamakazies
Chops38v23Crack In My Sand
Sets Of Anarchy26v14Crack In My Sand
Sets Of Anarchy31v13Chops
Run A Muk22v26Chops
Crack In My Sand13v38Run A Muk
Beach Slapped24v23Crack In My Sand
Beach Slapped21v24Kamakazies
Sets Of Anarchy28v12Run A Muk
Kamakazies16v26Run A Muk
Beach Slapped29v18Sets Of Anarchy
Units20v23Beach Slapped
Crack In My Sand22v37Chops
Crack In My Sand34v28Units
Sets Of Anarchy17v20Run A Muk
Units17v28Run A Muk
Crack In My Sand13v29Sets Of Anarchy
Beach Slapped25v21Units
Kamakazies23v21Crack In My Sand
Kamakazies17v23Beach Slapped
Run A Muk23v32Crack In My Sand
Units47v19Crack In My Sand
Chops10v39Run A Muk
Beach Slapped34v18Chops
Sets Of Anarchy34v15Kamakazies
Sets Of Anarchy33v16Beach Slapped

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