Tuesday A grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Wolf Pack18121547733214550
3All Sets Are Off1812064103575348
4No Dig'gity18102649432616844
5House Yak1880104013693232
6Crunch Time12408226314-8816
7Full Damage143011229433-20412
8Ewen's Team182016299563-2648
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All Sets Are Off17v28House Yak
FaGold32v21House Yak
Wolf Pack21v17All Sets Are Off
No Dig'gity20v21FaGold
Crunch Time13v33Wolf Pack
Ewen's Team18v32No Dig'gity
Ewen's Team26v21Crunch Time
Ewen's Team16v35FaGold
Wolf Pack22v19FaGold
Full Damage27v24Ewen's Team
No Dig'gity21v25Wolf Pack
Crunch Time20v29Full Damage
All Sets Are Off22v33No Dig'gity
House Yak21v26Crunch Time
House Yak15v26All Sets Are Off
Wolf Pack17v23All Sets Are Off
FaGold27v7All Sets Are Off
Full Damage18v34Wolf Pack
House Yak15v26FaGold
No Dig'gity49v9Full Damage
Ewen's Team9v38House Yak
Crunch Time18v33No Dig'gity
Crunch Time20v12Ewen's Team
No Dig'gity19v26FaGold
All Sets Are Off33v15Crunch Time
House Yak21v19No Dig'gity
Wolf Pack29v12All Sets Are Off
Ewen's Team16v31House Yak
Ewen's Team6v47Wolf Pack
FaGold41v9Full Damage
Crunch Time27v22Full Damage
Crunch Time18v26Ewen's Team
No Dig'gity31v15Ewen's Team
All Sets Are Off30v8Crunch Time
Wolf Pack25v22No Dig'gity
House Yak24v11All Sets Are Off
FaGold16v27Wolf Pack
FaGold18v16House Yak
Full Damage16v27No Dig'gity
House Yak12v33No Dig'gity
Wolf Pack21v23Full Damage
Ewen's Team15v31House Yak
FaGold33v12Wolf Pack
All Sets Are Off37v16Ewen's Team
All Sets Are Off19v18FaGold
No Dig'gity25v18House Yak
All Sets Are Off21v15House Yak
Full Damage10v30No Dig'gity
Ewen's Team19v30All Sets Are Off
FaGold25v17Full Damage
Wolf Pack35v14Ewen's Team
Wolf Pack17v23FaGold
Full Damage13v43Wolf Pack
FaGold29v17Wolf Pack
House Yak29v10Full Damage
No Dig'gity20v21FaGold
All Sets Are Off28v20House Yak
Ewen's Team13v44No Dig'gity
Ewen's Team21v26All Sets Are Off
FaGold18v18No Dig'gity
Wolf Pack18v18No Dig'gity
Full Damage12v34FaGold
Ewen's Team12v34Wolf Pack
House Yak29v14Full Damage
Crunch Time26v21Ewen's Team
All Sets Are Off23v17House Yak
All Sets Are Off28v14Crunch Time

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