Tuesday A Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Great Banter20200053127026180
23 & 1/2 Men20150546732913860
4No Dig'gity2014064293309956
5Serves You Right208111390415-2534
6Sets Ed207112397450-5330
7Watch Me Set175111317400-8322
8Mission Unblockable174112266309-4318
9Take A Hit204115361502-14118
10Gary Groundwork203017338611-27312

Viewed 416 times

3 & 1/2 Men23v14FaGold
Serves You Right19v28No Dig'gity
Mission Unblockable13v30No Dig'gity
Watch Me Set11v33Serves You Right
Take A Hit19v15Mission Unblockable
Take A Hit22v19Watch Me Set
Great Banter34v15Gary Groundwork
FaGold21v19Gary Groundwork
Sets Ed16v21Great Banter
Sets Ed19v133 & 1/2 Men
Gary Groundwork16v26Sets Ed
Great Banter29v13Sets Ed
Take A Hit23v27Gary Groundwork
Watch Me Set9v33Great Banter
3 & 1/2 Men38v16Take A Hit
3 & 1/2 Men28v12Watch Me Set
Mission Unblockable14v27FaGold
No Dig'gity22v14FaGold
No Dig'gity29v13Serves You Right
Mission Unblockable13v22Serves You Right
FaGold5v2Mission Unblockable
No Dig'gity5v2Mission Unblockable
3 & 1/2 Men5v2Mission Unblockable
Great Banter5v2Mission Unblockable
FaGold21v16Watch Me Set
3 & 1/2 Men23v22Watch Me Set
No Dig'gity20v14FaGold
No Dig'gity17v203 & 1/2 Men
Gary Groundwork15v22Serves You Right
Gary Groundwork30v14Take A Hit
Sets Ed20v19Take A Hit
Sets Ed17v26Great Banter
Great Banter21v14Serves You Right
Serves You Right26v19No Dig'gity
Take A Hit16v22No Dig'gity
Gary Groundwork11v31Serves You Right
Sets Ed18v25Take A Hit
FaGold46v15Gary Groundwork
Great Banter29v13Sets Ed
Watch Me Set25v25FaGold
3 & 1/2 Men17v25Great Banter
3 & 1/2 Men33v19Watch Me Set
Take A Hit30v18Gary Groundwork
3 & 1/2 Men27v16Gary Groundwork
FaGold25v21Take A Hit
FaGold19v263 & 1/2 Men
Sets Ed27v16Serves You Right
Great Banter30v14Serves You Right
No Dig'gity22v18Sets Ed
No Dig'gity5v24Great Banter
Gary Groundwork14v19No Dig'gity
FaGold22v19No Dig'gity
Great Banter41v15Gary Groundwork
Watch Me Set26v18Mission Unblockable
3 & 1/2 Men21v16Mission Unblockable
Serves You Right16v19Watch Me Set
Sets Ed11v333 & 1/2 Men
Take A Hit4v26Serves You Right
Take A Hit23v23Sets Ed
3 & 1/2 Men34v18Gary Groundwork
Mission Unblockable15v15Serves You Right
Mission Unblockable36v19Gary Groundwork
Serves You Right15v253 & 1/2 Men
Take A Hit12v18No Dig'gity
Sets Ed11v28No Dig'gity
Great Banter30v17Take A Hit
FaGold30v26Sets Ed
Watch Me Set15v23Great Banter
Watch Me Set13v29FaGold
3 & 1/2 Men33v9Take A Hit
Take A Hit14v30Watch Me Set
No Dig'gity17v243 & 1/2 Men
Mission Unblockable22v20Sets Ed
Gary Groundwork15v38Sets Ed
Great Banter24v14Mission Unblockable
FaGold52v7Gary Groundwork
Serves You Right11v37Great Banter
Serves You Right16v32FaGold
3 & 1/2 Men13v14FaGold
FaGold14v25No Dig'gity
3 & 1/2 Men14v25Great Banter
Sets Ed27v20Mission Unblockable
Take A Hit21v33Mission Unblockable
Watch Me Set20v16Sets Ed
Serves You Right26v22Take A Hit
Gary Groundwork17v32Watch Me Set
Gary Groundwork20v18Serves You Right
Great Banter23v21No Dig'gity
Sets Ed18v29Mission Unblockable
3 & 1/2 Men17v23Serves You Right
Watch Me Set16v23No Dig'gity
Gary Groundwork15v40No Dig'gity
Great Banter26v13Watch Me Set
FaGold27v16Gary Groundwork
Take A Hit15v25Great Banter
Take A Hit19v26FaGold
Sets Ed20v14Serves You Right

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