Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Bin Chickens20180254035418672
2Sets Education 20140651335316056
4Need To Fracthis20100104354062940
5Young Guns 2010010417426-940
6Anywayz 209011476487-1136
7One Timers208111428507-7934
8Wilson Warriors206014392532-14024
9Serves You Right204016365530-16516

Viewed 56 times

One Timers30v29Anywayz
One Timers17v29Young Guns
Anywayz 13v31Young Guns
Swingers30v16One Timers
Serves You Right17v24Anywayz
Wilson Warriors27v17Swingers
Sets Education 32v12Serves You Right
Need To Fracthis25v21Wilson Warriors
Bin Chickens12v26Sets Education
Bin Chickens25v21Need To Fracthis
Swingers13v30Bin Chickens
Wilson Warriors8v31Bin Chickens
Serves You Right11v35Swingers
Young Guns 28v12Wilson Warriors
One Timers21v19Serves You Right
Sets Education 31v9Young Guns
Need To Fracthis30v20Anywayz
Need To Fracthis11v20Sets Education
Sets Education 21v19Serves You Right
Wilson Warriors16v33Serves You Right
One Timers19v31Sets Education
Swingers35v18Wilson Warriors
Anywayz 35v20One Timers
Bin Chickens26v16Swingers
Need To Fracthis31v22Anywayz
Young Guns 11v29Bin Chickens
Young Guns 13v27Need To Fracthis
Serves You Right28v27Wilson Warriors
Anywayz 26v27One Timers
Swingers26v27Wilson Warriors
Swingers26v25Wilson Warriors
Bin Chickens26v25Sets Education
Sets Education 26v25Young Guns
Bin Chickens26v25Young Guns
Anywayz 26v25One Timers
Anywayz 26v25One Timers
Need To Fracthis26v25Serves You Right
Need To Fracthis26v25Serves You Right
Sets Education 14v25Bin Chickens
Swingers22v23Bin Chickens
One Timers21v18Sets Education
Need To Fracthis13v16Swingers
Serves You Right12v30One Timers
Anywayz 24v19Need To Fracthis
Young Guns 21v19Serves You Right
Wilson Warriors19v25Anywayz
Wilson Warriors9v28Young Guns
Need To Fracthis14v26Young Guns
Serves You Right15v23Young Guns
One Timers21v18Need To Fracthis
Swingers31v10Serves You Right
Bin Chickens25v20One Timers
Anywayz 11v34Swingers
Wilson Warriors14v42Bin Chickens
Sets Education 30v19Anywayz
Sets Education 38v21Wilson Warriors
Anywayz 23v24One Timers
Swingers24v15One Timers
Young Guns 22v20Anywayz
Wilson Warriors23v18Swingers
Sets Education 26v9Young Guns
Serves You Right31v12Wilson Warriors
Need To Fracthis12v19Sets Education
Bin Chickens37v8Serves You Right
Bin Chickens19v16Need To Fracthis
Swingers9v38Sets Education
Serves You Right18v30Sets Education
Young Guns 22v20Swingers
Anywayz 19v23Serves You Right
One Timers24v19Young Guns
Bin Chickens29v21Anywayz
Need To Fracthis26v13One Timers
Wilson Warriors15v29Bin Chickens
Wilson Warriors18v23Need To Fracthis
Bin Chickens14v31Wilson Warriors
Young Guns 17v27Bin Chickens
One Timers19v37Anywayz
Swingers26v22Young Guns
Sets Education 18v19Swingers
Need To Fracthis32v15Serves You Right
Need To Fracthis24v19Sets Education
One Timers22v22Swingers
Bin Chickens30v17Swingers
Sets Education 32v19One Timers
Serves You Right14v35Bin Chickens
Wilson Warriors24v19Sets Education
Anywayz 32v11Serves You Right
Young Guns 16v25Wilson Warriors
Need To Fracthis21v24Anywayz
Need To Fracthis20v21Young Guns