Tuesday A Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Seaweed22180449834315572
2Hit It & Quit It2213184864206654
4Pumpin Beaches228113416492-7634
5Can You Dig It225116415557-14222
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Hit It & Quit It32v10Can You Dig It
Pumpin Beaches26v24Can You Dig It
KMB28v15Hit It & Quit It
The Seaweed20v11Pumpin Beaches
The Seaweed29v18KMB
Can You Dig It17v24The Seaweed
Hit It & Quit It17v23The Seaweed
KMB33v16Can You Dig It
Pumpin Beaches12v22Hit It & Quit It
Pumpin Beaches26v24KMB
Hit It & Quit It23v22KMB
Pumpin Beaches14v22KMB
The Seaweed23v18Hit It & Quit It
Can You Dig It17v24Pumpin Beaches
Can You Dig It9v29The Seaweed
Pumpin Beaches12v24The Seaweed
Can You Dig It16v25The Seaweed
KMB19v22Pumpin Beaches
Hit It & Quit It22v21Can You Dig It
Hit It & Quit It16v17KMB
Hit It & Quit It30v16Pumpin Beaches
Can You Dig It21v27Pumpin Beaches
The Seaweed20v14Hit It & Quit It
KMB29v19Can You Dig It
KMB19v18The Seaweed
Pumpin Beaches10v19The Seaweed
Hit It & Quit It21v27The Seaweed
KMB26v22Pumpin Beaches
Can You Dig It15v28Hit It & Quit It
Can You Dig It26v22KMB
KMB16v21Hit It & Quit It
Pumpin Beaches21v17Hit It & Quit It
Can You Dig It35v17KMB
The Seaweed13v16Pumpin Beaches
The Seaweed15v27Can You Dig It
The Seaweed19v17Pumpin Beaches
Hit It & Quit It29v17Pumpin Beaches
Can You Dig It14v31The Seaweed
KMB19v20Hit It & Quit It
KMB21v24Can You Dig It
Pumpin Beaches32v18Can You Dig It
The Seaweed24v20Can You Dig It
Hit It & Quit It21v16Pumpin Beaches
Hit It & Quit It17v13The Seaweed
Can You Dig It22v22Pumpin Beaches
The Seaweed30v14Pumpin Beaches
Hit It & Quit It36v19Can You Dig It
KMB11v20The Seaweed
KMB20v20Hit It & Quit It
Pumpin Beaches19v32Hit It & Quit It
The Seaweed26v15Hit It & Quit It
KMB23v20Pumpin Beaches
Can You Dig It10v26The Seaweed
Can You Dig It15v12KMB

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