Tue C winter

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2The Bettongs1810085294844540
4We Showed Up158164023871534
6Loco Squad188010495545-5032
7Service in the NT175012450545-9520

Viewed 75 times

Service in the NT24v41VolleyWot
We Showed Up34v21VolleyWot
Loco Squad26v28Service in the NT
The Bettongs32v22We Showed Up
242127v39Loco Squad
CFK21v34The Bettongs
Loco Squad20v35CFK
The Bettongs29v31VolleyWot
Service in the NT26v27Loco Squad
242131v27The Bettongs
We Showed Up26v44Service in the NT
We Showed Up34v262421
Loco Squad24v7We Showed Up
Service in the NT19v31The Bettongs
We Showed Up16v30The Bettongs
CFK43v27Service in the NT
242132v38We Showed Up
Loco Squad30v42VolleyWot
CFK27v30We Showed Up
The Bettongs17v36We Showed Up
Service in the NT24v38CFK
242141v28The Bettongs
Loco Squad20v42Service in the NT
VolleyWot38v22Loco Squad
Service in the NT29v22VolleyWot
The Bettongs31v16Service in the NT
Loco Squad40v27The Bettongs
We Showed Up33v192421
We Showed Up35v24Loco Squad
The Bettongs32v29Service in the NT
Loco Squad39v20Service in the NT
VolleyWot24v42The Bettongs
CFK41v30Loco Squad
We Showed Up23v32VolleyWot
24214v4We Showed Up
242132v30Service in the NT
242145v21Service in the NT
The Bettongs26v21CFK
Loco Squad21v31CFK
Loco Squad18v40The Bettongs
Service in the NT25v38VolleyWot
Loco Squad36v31VolleyWot
The Bettongs24v31CFK
242120v23Loco Squad
242128v27The Bettongs
We Showed Up35v21Service in the NT
242119v25Service in the NT
VolleyWot34v29We Showed Up
The Bettongs22v40VolleyWot
Loco Squad36v25CFK
Loco Squad20v30The Bettongs

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