Tue C Summer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Interracial Sets20151474443131362
2Tots Mob20133470847823058
3We Showed Up2012176125585450
4Kiss My Pass2012085935385548
5X Rated207013575723-14828
6Average Joe's206113595666-7126
7Loco Squad202018486919-4338

Viewed 97 times

Tots Mob19v35Average Joe's
Interracial Sets35v21Average Joe's
Kiss My Pass25v31Tots Mob
Loco Squad10v66Interracial Sets
X Rated25v27Kiss My Pass
We Showed Up43v29Loco Squad
We Showed Up25v28X Rated
Average Joe's21v33Kiss My Pass
Loco Squad25v37Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets34v24Average Joe's
We Showed Up32v24Loco Squad
X Rated19v41Interracial Sets
Tots Mob40v24We Showed Up
Tots Mob41v14X Rated
X Rated31v36Loco Squad
Average Joe's44v23Loco Squad
Kiss My Pass44v22X Rated
We Showed Up39v28Average Joe's
Tots Mob23v25Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets24v29We Showed Up
Interracial Sets25v25Tots Mob
Interracial Sets37v21Average Joe's
X Rated41v23Average Joe's
Tots Mob20v29Interracial Sets
We Showed Up51v23X Rated
Loco Squad19v43Tots Mob
Kiss My Pass39v19We Showed Up
Kiss My Pass45v21Loco Squad
X Rated23v36Kiss My Pass
Interracial Sets38v22Kiss My Pass
Tots Mob62v10X Rated
We Showed Up25v15Interracial Sets
Loco Squad21v34Tots Mob
Average Joe's27v33We Showed Up
Average Joe's46v29Loco Squad
X Rated24v44Interracial Sets
Average Joe's14v48Interracial Sets
Loco Squad18v58X Rated
We Showed Up22v30Average Joe's
Tots Mob71v11Loco Squad
Kiss My Pass16v33We Showed Up
Kiss My Pass22v34Tots Mob
Interracial Sets36v21We Showed Up
Tots Mob37v24We Showed Up
Kiss My Pass17v36Interracial Sets
X Rated24v46Tots Mob
Average Joe's19v43Kiss My Pass
Loco Squad31v49X Rated
Loco Squad27v52Average Joe's
Average Joe's36v37X Rated
Loco Squad38v33X Rated
Kiss My Pass32v29Average Joe's
We Showed Up51v30Loco Squad
Interracial Sets43v22Kiss My Pass
Tots Mob30v30We Showed Up
Tots Mob32v25Interracial Sets
Average Joe's37v31Loco Squad
Interracial Sets58v16Loco Squad
Tots Mob39v39Average Joe's
Kiss My Pass32v22Interracial Sets
X Rated35v23Tots Mob
We Showed Up22v20Kiss My Pass
We Showed Up35v24X Rated
We Showed Up16v35Interracial Sets
Loco Squad21v53Interracial Sets
X Rated23v38We Showed Up
Kiss My Pass36v26Loco Squad
Average Joe's28v32X Rated
Tots Mob26v20Kiss My Pass
Tots Mob32v21Average Joe's

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