Tue B winter

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Notorious Dig2012264943999552
4Interracial Sets2011185024752746
5Kiss My Pass209110398493-9538
6Tots Mob208012456487-3132
8Celtic Rangers203116394484-9014

Viewed 67 times

Kiss My Pass16v31Notorious Dig
Panthers21v20Notorious Dig
Interracial Sets22v23Kiss My Pass
Tots Mob23v25Panthers
Leschwan32v28Interracial Sets
Celtic Rangers22v27Tots Mob
Yirara33v31Celtic Rangers
Notorious Dig28v18Panthers
Celtic Rangers19v19Leschwan
Tots Mob29v24Notorious Dig
Interracial Sets31v27Celtic Rangers
Kiss My Pass19v30Tots Mob
Yirara29v19Interracial Sets
Yirara20v18Kiss My Pass
Kiss My Pass6v5Leschwan
Kiss My Pass6v5Celtic Rangers
Yirara6v5Tots Mob
Yirara6v5Tots Mob
Interracial Sets6v5Celtic Rangers
Interracial Sets6v5Leschwan
Notorious Dig6v5Leschwan
Notorious Dig6v5Celtic Rangers
Panthers6v5Celtic Rangers
Leschwan22v31Notorious Dig
Panthers21v26Notorious Dig
Interracial Sets24v25Leschwan
Tots Mob28v30Panthers
Kiss My Pass20v33Interracial Sets
Yirara24v30Tots Mob
Yirara29v25Kiss My Pass
Panthers25v30Interracial Sets
Celtic Rangers18v33Interracial Sets
Tots Mob24v34Celtic Rangers
Kiss My Pass9v39Yirara
Notorious Dig16v22Tots Mob
Leschwan32v19Kiss My Pass
Leschwan23v23Notorious Dig
Celtic Rangers22v16Leschwan
Tots Mob29v18Celtic Rangers
Kiss My Pass16v30Panthers
Interracial Sets34v13Tots Mob
Notorious Dig21v26Kiss My Pass
Yirara30v34Interracial Sets
Yirara38v20Notorious Dig
Panthers25v25Interracial Sets
Tots Mob25v29Interracial Sets
Celtic Rangers27v36Panthers
Notorious Dig38v20Tots Mob
Kiss My Pass27v24Celtic Rangers
Yirara24v24Notorious Dig
Yirara20v20Kiss My Pass
Notorious Dig20v21Kiss My Pass
Panthers30v24Kiss My Pass
Leschwan10v29Notorious Dig
Tots Mob21v42Panthers
Celtic Rangers22v41Leschwan
Interracial Sets22v17Tots Mob
Yirara29v28Celtic Rangers
Yirara28v42Interracial Sets
Tots Mob18v24Celtic Rangers
Panthers29v18Celtic Rangers
Kiss My Pass30v28Tots Mob
Interracial Sets26v41Panthers
Leschwan25v30Kiss My Pass
Notorious Dig27v25Interracial Sets
Yirara18v38Notorious Dig
Interracial Sets12v37Yirara
Tots Mob23v21Interracial Sets
Celtic Rangers20v40Panthers
Leschwan23v39Tots Mob
Kiss My Pass28v20Celtic Rangers
Notorious Dig37v20Leschwan
Notorious Dig29v15Kiss My Pass

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