Tue A winter

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Cool Name20162255131223968
2Cereal Killers2012174623818150
3Net Minute2012084573748348
5Setting Ducks208210399474-7536
7DDA kids204016359501-14216
8Volleyball Bags143011260361-10112

Viewed 79 times

Zamba27v18DDA kids
Setting Ducks24v21DDA kids
Volleyball Bags23v33Setting Ducks
Cereal Killers42v11M2M
Cool Name38v9Volleyball Bags
Net Minute22v24Cereal Killers
Net Minute18v24Cool Name
Cereal Killers17v20Setting Ducks
Cool Name32v11Setting Ducks
M2M15v31Cereal Killers
Zamba12v26Cool Name
Volleyball Bags20v29M2M
DDA kids21v23Zamba
Net Minute29v14Volleyball Bags
Net Minute28v11DDA kids
Setting Ducks14v23Volleyball Bags
Net Minute20v13Volleyball Bags
DDA kids23v17Setting Ducks
Cool Name19v16Net Minute
Zamba19v20DDA kids
Cereal Killers30v11Cool Name
Cereal Killers30v11Zamba
Volleyball Bags33v21Cereal Killers
M2M23v16Cereal Killers
Net Minute19v26Volleyball Bags
Setting Ducks27v18M2M
DDA kids15v25Net Minute
Cool Name22v21Setting Ducks
Zamba21v19DDA kids
Zamba5v26Cool Name
Volleyball Bags10v32Cereal Killers
DDA kids17v24Cereal Killers
DDA kids26v18Volleyball Bags
Setting Ducks24v32Zamba
Cool Name21v21Zamba
Net Minute34v12Setting Ducks
Net Minute17v26Cool Name
DDA kids14v37Cool Name
Volleyball Bags15v36Cool Name
M2M35v11DDA kids
Setting Ducks25v20Volleyball Bags
Net Minute25v16Setting Ducks
Cereal Killers19v24Zamba
Cereal Killers20v14Net Minute
DDA kids18v24Zamba
Net Minute26v20Zamba
M2M21v16DDA kids
Cereal Killers15v25Net Minute
Cool Name37v10M2M
Setting Ducks23v23Cereal Killers
Setting Ducks10v38Cool Name
Net Minute29v20DDA kids
Cereal Killers29v15DDA kids
M2M16v34Net Minute
Cool Name26v14Cereal Killers
Setting Ducks19v28Cool Name
Setting Ducks19v17Zamba
DDA kids11v33Cool Name
Setting Ducks17v17Cool Name
Net Minute23v17DDA kids
M2M30v17Setting Ducks
Volleyball Bags20v22Net Minute
Cereal Killers17v16Volleyball Bags
Cereal Killers21v17Zamba
DDA kids27v22Cool Name
M2M22v19DDA kids
Cereal Killers15v32Cool Name
Net Minute16v22Cereal Killers
Setting Ducks26v16Zamba
Setting Ducks24v15Net Minute

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