Tue A Summer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Cereal Killers2012084243527248
3Useless Ones2011274163734348
4Volleyball Bags205114346471-12522
5Ewen's Team205015363460-9720

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Ewen's Team16v22Useless Ones
SBSC17v17Useless Ones
Volleyball Bags29v15Ewen's Team
Cereal Killers22v17SBSC
Cereal Killers22v25Volleyball Bags
SBSC31v22Ewen's Team
Useless Ones15v26Ewen's Team
Volleyball Bags15v24SBSC
Cereal Killers29v15Useless Ones
Cereal Killers18v23Volleyball Bags
Volleyball Bags14v18SBSC
Useless Ones21v18SBSC
Cereal Killers29v13Volleyball Bags
Ewen's Team11v29Useless Ones
Ewen's Team17v23Cereal Killers
Ewen's Team18v25Cereal Killers
SBSC17v12Cereal Killers
Volleyball Bags13v26Ewen's Team
Useless Ones20v22SBSC
Useless Ones32v13Volleyball Bags
SBSC18v20Useless Ones
Cereal Killers27v8Useless Ones
Volleyball Bags11v18SBSC
Ewen's Team15v21Cereal Killers
Ewen's Team21v23Volleyball Bags
Volleyball Bags16v21SBSC
Cereal Killers26v20SBSC
Useless Ones20v12Volleyball Bags
Ewen's Team16v18Cereal Killers
Ewen's Team9v26Useless Ones
Useless Ones20v17Cereal Killers
SBSC21v18Cereal Killers
Volleyball Bags19v27Useless Ones
Ewen's Team13v29SBSC
Ewen's Team24v21Volleyball Bags
Useless Ones31v20Volleyball Bags
Ewen's Team21v23Volleyball Bags
Cereal Killers21v15Useless Ones
SBSC27v14Ewen's Team
SBSC17v16Cereal Killers
SBSC18v17Useless Ones
Volleyball Bags15v28Useless Ones
Cereal Killers10v23SBSC
Ewen's Team28v12Volleyball Bags
Ewen's Team23v18Cereal Killers
SBSC31v12Volleyball Bags
Useless Ones17v17Volleyball Bags
Ewen's Team15v31SBSC
Cereal Killers28v16Useless Ones
Cereal Killers24v13Ewen's Team

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