tttpl Premier Division

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Trent Tavern1511221631075624
2Bucknall Club1511221591114824
3Red Baize Rev159241561144220
5Oggys Bar152211104166-626
6Travs Rest151113100170-703

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Red Baize Rev13v5Oggys Bar
Trent Tavern11v7Bucknall Club
Bradeley10v8Travs Rest
Trent Tavern11v7Red Baize Rev
Oggys Bar10v8Travs Rest
Bucknall Club11v7Bradeley
Red Baize Rev10v8Travs Rest
Trent Tavern11v7Bradeley
Bucknall Club9v9Oggys Bar
Red Baize Rev11v7Bradeley
Bucknall Club11v7Travs Rest
Trent Tavern12v6Oggys Bar
Red Baize Rev12v6Bucknall Club
Oggys Bar10v8Bradeley
Trent Tavern14v4Travs Rest
Red Baize Rev16v2Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club10v8Trent Tavern
Bradeley12v6Travs Rest
Red Baize Rev11v7Trent Tavern
Travs Rest10v8Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club10v8Bradeley
Red Baize Rev10v8Travs Rest
Bradeley9v9Trent Tavern
Bucknall Club11v7Oggys Bar
Bradeley9v9Red Baize Rev
Bucknall Club14v4Travs Rest
Trent Tavern13v5Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club12v6Red Baize Rev
Bradeley10v8Oggys Bar
Trent Tavern11v7Travs Rest
Red Baize Rev11v7Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club9v9Trent Tavern
Bradeley10v8Travs Rest
Trent Tavern10v8Red Baize Rev
Travs Rest9v9Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club14v4Bradeley
Red Baize Rev15v3Travs Rest
Trent Tavern10v8Bradeley
Bucknall Club12v6Oggys Bar
Red Baize Rev9v9Bradeley
Bucknall Club13v5Travs Rest
Trent Tavern14v4Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club10v8Red Baize Rev
Bradeley10v8Oggys Bar
Trent Tavern13v5Travs Rest

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