TTTPL 2017

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Baize Tavern131120163719224
2Red Baize Rev1311111686610223
3Bucknall Ex13922146885820
5Green Baize138141331013217
6Oggys Bar136341291052415
7Plaza Pool137151281062215
8Ye Olde Manor A13526114120-612
9Madeley WMC13526113121-812
12Old Sal13301066168-1026
14Ye Olde Manor B13001352182-1300

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Plaza Pool12v6Millrace
Ye Olde Manor A9v9Players
Bucknall Ex15v3Alma
Oggys Bar15v3Old Sal
Baize Tavern11v7Madeley WMC
Red Baize Rev13v5Bradeley
Ye Olde Manor A11v7Plaza Pool
Players13v5Bucknall Ex
Oggys Bar14v4Alma
Madeley WMC16v2Old Sal
Red Baize Rev11v7Green Baize
Bucknall Ex13v5Plaza Pool
Millrace13v5Ye Olde Manor A
Oggys Bar10v8Players
Madeley WMC11v7Alma
Red Baize Rev9v9Baize Tavern
Bradeley9v9Green Baize
Plaza Pool10v8Oggys Bar
Bucknall Ex12v6Ye Olde Manor A
Players10v8Madeley WMC
Red Baize Rev18v0Old Sal
Baize Tavern11v7Bradeley
Green Baize12v6Millrace
Plaza Pool9v9Madeley WMC
Ye Olde Manor A9v9Oggys Bar
Millrace10v8Bucknall Ex
Red Baize Rev15v3Alma
Old Sal10v8Bradeley
Baize Tavern14v4Green Baize
Madeley WMC10v8Ye Olde Manor A
Bucknall Ex9v9Oggys Bar
Red Baize Rev11v7Players
Green Baize15v3Old Sal
Baize Tavern13v5Millrace
Red Baize Rev10v8Plaza Pool
Bucknall Ex14v4Madeley WMC
Oggys Bar11v7Millrace
Green Baize14v4Alma
Baize Tavern16v2Old Sal
Green Baize14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Baize Tavern14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Old Sal14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Alma14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Players14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Plaza Pool14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Ye Olde Manor A14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Plaza Pool12v6Bradeley
Red Baize Rev15v3Ye Olde Manor A
Bucknall Ex14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Madeley WMC9v9Oggys Bar
Green Baize10v8Players
Baize Tavern15v3Alma
Millrace15v3Old Sal
Plaza Pool10v8Green Baize
Ye Olde Manor A11v7Bradeley
Bucknall Ex10v8Red Baize Rev
Oggys Bar14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Madeley WMC10v8Millrace
Baize Tavern13v5Players
Baize Tavern12v6Plaza Pool
Green Baize11v7Ye Olde Manor A
Bucknall Ex12v6Bradeley
Red Baize Rev14v4Oggys Bar
Madeley WMC14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Players14v4Old Sal
Plaza Pool15v3Old Sal
Baize Tavern11v7Ye Olde Manor A
Bucknall Ex11v7Green Baize
Oggys Bar15v3Bradeley
Red Baize Rev17v1Madeley WMC
Millrace14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Plaza Pool12v6Alma
Ye Olde Manor A14v4Old Sal
Bucknall Ex9v9Baize Tavern
Green Baize10v8Oggys Bar
Bradeley10v8Madeley WMC
Red Baize Rev14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Old Sal14v4Alma
Players10v8Plaza Pool
Ye Olde Manor A10v8Alma
Bucknall Ex14v4Old Sal
Baize Tavern15v3Oggys Bar
Green Baize12v6Madeley WMC
Bradeley14v4Ye Olde Manor B
Red Baize Rev13v5Millrace

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