TSSC Summer League 2018

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Sean Tidy431040410
2Trevor Kvaran41211105
3James Wyss40400004
4Ken Bertschy21011103
5Ed Bertschy301203-31
6Travis Wiley00000000
7Josh Monroe00000000
8Charles Damon100101-10

Viewed 8 times

James Wyss0v0Trevor Kvaran
Sean Tidy1v0Trevor Kvaran
Trevor Kvaran0v0James Wyss
Charles Damon0v1Ken Bertschy
Sean Tidy2v0Ed Bertschy
James Wyss0v0Ed Bertschy
Ken Bertschy0v1Sean Tidy
Ed Bertschy0v1Trevor Kvaran
Sean Tidy0v0James Wyss

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