Trent Trophies Tuesday Pool League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Red Baize Rev22181327512115437
2Bucknall Club22155225614011635
3Trent Tavern2214442401568432
4Oggys Bar2215252341627232
6Travs Rest2211110187209-2223
7Green Baize219391981801821
9Madeley WMC227411177219-4218
12Plaza Pool211020110268-1582

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Red Baize Rev11v7Trent Tavern
Travs Rest11v7Millrace
Oggys Bar14v4Talisman
Bucknall Club13v5Madeley WMC
Trent Tavern17v1Manor
Trent Tavern9v9Oggys Bar
Green Baize10v8Travs Rest
Manor14v4Plaza Pool
Bucknall Club11v7Oggys Bar
Trent Tavern11v7Green Baize
Red Baize Rev16v2Millrace
Oggys Bar12v6Travs Rest
Madeley WMC9v9Manor
Bradeley15v3Plaza Pool
Bucknall Club14v4Talisman
Madeley WMC10v8Green Baize
Bradeley12v6Green Baize
Trent Tavern13v5Millrace
Oggys Bar10v8Red Baize Rev
Bucknall Club13v5Travs Rest
Madeley WMC14v4Plaza Pool
Trent Tavern12v6Bradeley
Oggys Bar12v6Millrace
Red Baize Rev13v5Bucknall Club
Manor13v5Travs Rest
Plaza Pool14v4Talisman
Madeley WMC9v9Bradeley
Green Baize14v4Talisman
Oggys Bar10v8Trent Tavern
Bucknall Club17v1Millrace
Red Baize Rev13v5Manor
Travs Rest13v5Plaza Pool
Manor12v6Oggys Bar
Trent Tavern14v4Madeley WMC
Red Baize Rev17v1Plaza Pool
Bradeley14v4Travs Rest
Madeley WMC11v7Talisman
Red Baize Rev11v7Green Baize
Trent Tavern9v9Bucknall Club
Oggys Bar12v6Manor
Millrace12v6Plaza Pool
Trent Tavern11v7Talisman
Travs Rest12v6Madeley WMC
Red Baize Rev16v2Bradeley
Green Baize13v5Millrace
Bucknall Club9v9Manor
Oggys Bar13v5Plaza Pool
Green Baize9v9Manor
Red Baize Rev16v2Madeley WMC
Travs Rest13v5Talisman
Trent Tavern11v7Manor
Oggys Bar14v4Green Baize
Bucknall Club14v4Plaza Pool
Red Baize Rev15v3Talisman
Trent Tavern14v4Travs Rest
Madeley WMC11v7Millrace
Bradeley10v8Oggys Bar
Bucknall Club12v6Green Baize
Oggys Bar12v6Madeley WMC
Bucknall Club13v5Bradeley
Green Baize14v4Manor
Red Baize Rev14v4Travs Rest
Trent Tavern14v4Plaza Pool
Talisman11v7Oggys Bar
Travs Rest10v8Millrace
Trent Tavern9v9Red Baize Rev
Bucknall Club9v9Madeley WMC
Green Baize11v7Plaza Pool
Bradeley10v8Plaza Pool
Manor14v4Plaza Pool
Green Baize12v6Trent Tavern
Red Baize Rev12v6Millrace
Oggys Bar13v5Travs Rest
Bucknall Club16v2Talisman
Manor13v5Madeley WMC
Bradeley11v7Green Baize
Trent Tavern9v9Millrace
Red Baize Rev12v6Oggys Bar
Travs Rest10v8Bucknall Club
Madeley WMC10v8Plaza Pool
Talisman13v5Plaza Pool
Travs Rest10v8Manor
Bucknall Club12v6Red Baize Rev
Oggys Bar13v5Millrace
Green Baize10v8Madeley WMC
Trent Tavern13v5Bradeley
Bradeley9v9Madeley WMC
Green Baize14v4Talisman
Bucknall Club13v5Millrace
Red Baize Rev15v3Manor
Travs Rest12v6Plaza Pool
Bucknall Club14v4Manor
Trent Tavern14v4Madeley WMC
Green Baize9v9Travs Rest
Oggys Bar9v9Bucknall Club
Red Baize Rev15v3Plaza Pool
Madeley WMC14v4Talisman
Travs Rest13v5Bradeley
Red Baize Rev11v7Green Baize
Bucknall Club11v7Trent Tavern
Millrace12v6Plaza Pool
Trent Tavern10v8Talisman
Travs Rest12v6Madeley WMC
Red Baize Rev11v7Bradeley
Green Baize14v4Millrace
Oggys Bar15v3Plaza Pool
Travs Rest10v8Talisman
Red Baize Rev12v6Madeley WMC
Oggys Bar11v7Green Baize
Bucknall Club15v3Plaza Pool
Madeley WMC12v6Millrace
Talisman10v8Red Baize Rev
Green Baize9v9Bucknall Club
Oggys Bar10v8Bradeley
Trent Tavern11v7Travs Rest
Red Baize Rev14v4Travs Rest
Oggys Bar11v7Madeley WMC
Bucknall Club10v8Bradeley
Trent Tavern11v7Plaza Pool

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