Trailblazers Summer League

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Nice Boyz3300279194859
2Derby Elite3300272210629
3Blazers u16s3300240186549
5BC Burton Spartans 310222522233
6Racing Ockbrook3102204275-713
7Derby Bucks4004263328-650
8Derby Retros3003168253-850

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Derby Bucks63v88Storm
Derby Bucks63v88Storm
BC Burton Spartans 72v79Nice Boyz
Derby Retros61v82Derby Elite
Racing Ockbrook66v86Blazers u16s
Derby Retros47v91BC Burton Spartans
Storm87v94Derby Elite
Nice Boyz112v60Racing Ockbrook
Blazers u16s74v60Derby Bucks
BC Burton Spartans 62v96Derby Elite
Racing Ockbrook78v77Derby Bucks
Nice Boyz88v62Storm
Derby Retros60v80Blazers u16s

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