Trafford SSP Bball League 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Heyes Lane C4400102210012
2Flixton Juniors B430150203010
3Tyntesfield B430142301210
4Victoria Park D42021418-48
5St Michaels B42022238-168
6St Monicas42021030-208
7Heyes Lane D41033826126
8Forest Gate Academy4103458-546
9Victoria Park E4004464-604

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Heyes Lane C22v2Tyntesfield B
St Monicas2v0Victoria Park D
Flixton Juniors B8v4Heyes Lane D
Victoria Park E2v4Forest Gate Academy
St Monicas6v4Heyes Lane D
St Michaels B16v2Flixton Juniors B
Tyntesfield B16v0Victoria Park D
Heyes Lane C30v0Forest Gate Academy
Victoria Park E2v6St Michaels B
Flixton Juniors B14v0St Monicas
Victoria Park D2v0Forest Gate Academy
Tyntesfield B12v6Heyes Lane D
Heyes Lane C22v0St Michaels B
Flixton Juniors B26v0Victoria Park E
Forest Gate Academy0v24Heyes Lane D
Victoria Park D12v0St Michaels B
Tyntesfield B12v2St Monicas
Heyes Lane C28v0Victoria Park E

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