Trafford SSP Bball League 2

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1St Michaels A550040122815
3Flixton Juniors A53022014611
4Victoria Park C53022622411
5Barton Clough52122220210
6St Alphonsus B5113282628
7Tyntesfield A42022026-68
8St Hugh's B5113282086
9Heyes Lane B4112414-105
10Gorse Hill5005284-825

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Gorse Hill0v20Moorlands
Barton Clough2v2St Alphonsus B
St Michaels A8v4Victoria Park C
Flixton Juniors A6v0St Hugh's B
Barton Clough10v0Tyntesfield A
St Michaels A10v0Heyes Lane B
Gorse Hill0v24St Alphonsus B
St Hugh's B4v6Victoria Park C
Flixton Juniors A2v6Moorlands
Barton Clough2v6St Michaels A
Gorse Hill2v14Tyntesfield A
St Hugh's B0v0Heyes Lane B
Moorlands16v0St Alphonsus B
Flixton Juniors A6v8Victoria Park C
Gorse Hill0v8St Michaels A
St Hugh's B6v8Barton Clough
Moorlands12v2Tyntesfield A
Victoria Park C2v4Heyes Lane B
St Alphonsus B0v4Flixton Juniors A
St Hugh's B18v0Gorse Hill
Moorlands6v8St Michaels A
Victoria Park C6v0Barton Clough
St Alphonsus B2v4Tyntesfield A
Heyes Lane B0v2Flixton Juniors A

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