Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Olton Ravens77002902921
2Bartley Reds76012351818
3Cadbury Athletic74121651113
4Santiago Colts74121210213
5Northfield Town Shenley7214914-57
6Halesowen Colts7205215-136
7Marston Green Minors7025324-212
8Northfield Town Newman7016122-211

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Olton Ravens2v0Cadbury Athletic
Marston Green Minors0v4Olton Ravens
Northfield Town Shenley0v2Cadbury Athletic
Santiago Colts2v0Halesowen Colts
Northfield Town Newman1v4Bartley Reds
Olton Ravens4v0Northfield Town Shenley
Marston Green Minors0v6Cadbury Athletic
Northfield Town Newman0v1Halesowen Colts
Santiago Colts1v3Bartley Reds
Northfield Town Shenley1v1Marston Green Minors
Bartley Reds2v0Halesowen Colts
Northfield Town Newman0v1Santiago Colts
Olton Ravens7v0Halesowen Colts
Marston Green Minors0v1Halesowen Colts
Northfield Town Shenley1v6Bartley Reds
Santiago Colts0v5Olton Ravens
Northfield Town Newman0v5Cadbury Athletic
Santiago Colts7v2Marston Green Minors
Northfield Town Newman0v5Northfield Town Shenley
Bartley Reds3v1Cadbury Athletic
Northfield Town Newman0v6Olton Ravens
Bartley Reds5v0Marston Green Minors
Northfield Town Shenley2v0Halesowen Colts
Santiago Colts0v0Cadbury Athletic
Bartley Reds0v1Olton Ravens
Northfield Town Newman0v0Marston Green Minors
Halesowen Colts0v2Cadbury Athletic
Santiago Colts1v0Northfield Town Shenley

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