Tournament location

Drag the pin and drop in on the location of your tournament. You can zoom in and out using the controls if you need to. If your tournament is a virtual tournament then just select the country its based in.

Choose your style to customise the look of your tournament website.


Choose a theme for your page to change the look of it. (more themes coming soon)

Main banner colour

Customise your page by choosing your own colours

Secondary text colour

Try to choose one that contrasts well with your main colour or you might not be able to read it.

Add league tables created in SportsTables League Manager to your tournament.

Enter a name for the group, eg U11 and in the table id field type the first few characters of the id (the last part of its URL) and then select it from the list.

Introductory text

Introduce your tournament to your attendees and potential participants.

Once you have finished hit save.

Once saved you will be given a special URL that you can use to edit the page in future, don't lose it!