Torneo Peruano Futsal

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Defensor Uchupampa650143251815
2Deportivo Municipal64112923613
3Juventud Peru640236251112
4Deportivo Chancay64023530512
5Nacional Peru64022734-712
6Rua FC5302271989
7Santa Isabel53022123-29
8Utah Mix5212212107
9Sport Huancayo52031518-36
10Alianza Lima52032126-56
11Sporting Cristal61052431-73
12Sport Peru60151829-111
13ADT Tarma50142134-131

Viewed 184 times

Alianza Lima6v4Sport Peru
Nacional Peru6v3Sport Huancayo
Juventud Peru6v4Utah Mix
Deportivo Municipal7v3Deportivo Chancay
Santa Isabel4v9Defensor Uchupampa
Sporting Cristal2v6Rua FC
Defensor Uchupampa7v4Sport Peru
Deportivo Municipal6v4Sport Huancayo
Deportivo Chancay6v3ADT Tarma
Utah Mix4v2Sporting Cristal
Santa Isabel4v2Alianza Lima
Nacional Peru3v8Juventud Peru
Alianza Lima9v7ADT Tarma
Utah Mix3v5Santa Isabel
Nacional Peru6v5Sporting Cristal
Deportivo Municipal2v6Defensor Uchupampa
Juventud Peru7v8Deportivo Chancay
Sport Peru2v4Rua FC
Sport Huancayo1v5Juventud Peru
Deportivo Municipal5v5Utah Mix
Deportivo Chancay10v1Nacional Peru
Sport Peru3v3ADT Tarma
Santa Isabel6v4Rua FC
Defensor Uchupampa9v4Sporting Cristal
Deportivo Chancay4v10Rua FC
Sport Peru3v5Nacional Peru
Sporting Cristal10v3ADT Tarma
Defensor Uchupampa5v7Juventud Peru
Santa Isabel2v5Deportivo Municipal
Alianza Lima0v4Sport Huancayo
ADT Tarma5v6Nacional Peru
Defensor Uchupampa7v4Alianza Lima
Deportivo Chancay4v2Sport Peru
Juventud Peru3v4Deportivo Municipal
Utah Mix5v3Rua FC
Sport Huancayo3v1Sporting Cristal

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