Top Eleven Level 1

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Hapos HSV Team26147558213749
2Colo FC2611693734339
3FC Kislali2611694240239
4bolat FC26115103941-238
5Dgfc FC26115104046-638
6Soares 20132610794235737
7Dsasel1234 FC26114113234-237
8ryan FC26113124342136
10chocolate FC26106103541-636
11Sepia AC26103134145-433
12Colossal A.C.2687114442231
13AC Ceaseless2686123442-830
14hb FC2686123150-1930

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FC Kislali1v1AC Ceaseless
AC Ceaseless1v4FC Kislali
chocolate FC1v1Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.1v2chocolate FC
Hapos HSV Team7v1Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC2v1Hapos HSV Team
Dsasel1234 FC0v1Soares 2013
Soares 20132v3Dsasel1234 FC
City2v3Sepia AC
Sepia AC2v3City
Colo FC4v0hb FC
hb FC0v1Colo FC
ryan FC0v1bolat FC
bolat FC1v4ryan FC
AC Ceaseless2v2chocolate FC
chocolate FC2v0AC Ceaseless
Dgfc FC3v2FC Kislali
FC Kislali1v1Dgfc FC
Colossal A.C.0v2Dsasel1234 FC
Dsasel1234 FC1v1Colossal A.C.
Sepia AC0v5Hapos HSV Team
Hapos HSV Team3v0Sepia AC
Colo FC2v3Soares 2013
Soares 20130v1Colo FC
ryan FC0v2City
City1v5ryan FC
bolat FC1v3hb FC
hb FC0v3bolat FC
chocolate FC2v3Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC2v1chocolate FC
Dsasel1234 FC3v0AC Ceaseless
AC Ceaseless0v1Dsasel1234 FC
FC Kislali0v1Sepia AC
Sepia AC0v1FC Kislali
Colo FC1v1Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.1v3Colo FC
Hapos HSV Team8v0ryan FC
ryan FC1v0Hapos HSV Team
hb FC0v4Soares 2013
Soares 20131v1hb FC
City4v1bolat FC
bolat FC3v1City
Dgfc FC1v2Dsasel1234 FC
Dsasel1234 FC4v0Dgfc FC
Sepia AC3v0chocolate FC
chocolate FC2v1Sepia AC
AC Ceaseless2v1Colo FC
Colo FC3v2AC Ceaseless
ryan FC2v2FC Kislali
FC Kislali1v3ryan FC
Colossal A.C.5v0hb FC
hb FC0v1Colossal A.C.
City0v2Hapos HSV Team
Hapos HSV Team2v1City
bolat FC1v0Soares 2013
Soares 20130v0bolat FC
Dsasel1234 FC2v1Sepia AC
Sepia AC3v1Dsasel1234 FC
Colo FC2v1Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC1v1Colo FC
hb FC0v3AC Ceaseless
chocolate FC2v1ryan FC
ryan FC1v3chocolate FC
AC Ceaseless1v2hb FC
FC Kislali0v3City
City3v0FC Kislali
Soares 20131v2Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.1v2Soares 2013
Hapos HSV Team2v2bolat FC
bolat FC1v1Hapos HSV Team
Sepia AC1v1Colo FC
Colo FC1v0Sepia AC
ryan FC3v0Dsasel1234 FC
Dsasel1234 FC1v0ryan FC
Dgfc FC1v1hb FC
hb FC2v1Dgfc FC
City0v1chocolate FC
chocolate FC1v2City
AC Ceaseless3v1Soares 2013
Soares 20130v0AC Ceaseless
Hapos HSV Team2v1FC Kislali
FC Kislali0v2Hapos HSV Team
bolat FC1v0Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.1v2bolat FC
Colo FC1v0ryan FC
ryan FC4v1Colo FC
hb FC1v2Sepia AC
Sepia AC4v0hb FC
Dsasel1234 FC0v2City
City0v1Dsasel1234 FC
Soares 20131v0Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC1v1Soares 2013
chocolate FC1v1Hapos HSV Team
Hapos HSV Team4v0chocolate FC
Colossal A.C.1v2AC Ceaseless
AC Ceaseless2v2Colossal A.C.
FC Kislali2v0bolat FC
bolat FC3v2FC Kislali
ryan FC1v1hb FC
hb FC3v2ryan FC
City0v0Colo FC
Colo FC3v1City
Sepia AC1v3Soares 2013
Soares 20134v1Sepia AC
Hapos HSV Team3v0Dsasel1234 FC
Dsasel1234 FC0v1Hapos HSV Team
Dgfc FC3v1Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.2v4Dgfc FC
FC Kislali3v1chocolate FC
chocolate FC1v2FC Kislali
bolat FC1v3AC Ceaseless
AC Ceaseless2v0bolat FC
hb FC1v2City
City2v3hb FC
Soares 20132v1ryan FC
ryan FC2v2Soares 2013
Colo FC1v1Hapos HSV Team
Hapos HSV Team0v2Colo FC
Colossal A.C.1v3Sepia AC
Sepia AC0v2Colossal A.C.
Dsasel1234 FC1v3FC Kislali
FC Kislali1v0Dsasel1234 FC
AC Ceaseless2v1Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC1v0AC Ceaseless
chocolate FC1v1bolat FC
bolat FC3v0chocolate FC
City1v4Soares 2013
Soares 20131v2City
Hapos HSV Team2v2hb FC
hb FC1v0Hapos HSV Team
ryan FC0v2Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.1v3ryan FC
FC Kislali2v0Colo FC
Colo FC0v0FC Kislali
Sepia AC3v3AC Ceaseless
AC Ceaseless2v0Sepia AC
chocolate FC0v0Dsasel1234 FC
Dsasel1234 FC1v3chocolate FC
bolat FC2v3Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC2v1bolat FC
Soares 20130v0Hapos HSV Team
Hapos HSV Team4v2Soares 2013
Colossal A.C.2v2City
City2v6Colossal A.C.
hb FC2v3FC Kislali
FC Kislali1v1hb FC
AC Ceaseless0v2ryan FC
ryan FC1v0AC Ceaseless
Colo FC0v1chocolate FC
chocolate FC4v2Colo FC
Dgfc FC1v2Sepia AC
Sepia AC1v1Dgfc FC
Dsasel1234 FC3v0bolat FC
bolat FC1v1Dsasel1234 FC
Hapos HSV Team1v2Colossal A.C.
Colossal A.C.1v1Hapos HSV Team
FC Kislali3v0Soares 2013
Soares 20133v4FC Kislali
City3v1AC Ceaseless
AC Ceaseless2v2City
chocolate FC1v3hb FC
hb FC0v2chocolate FC
ryan FC4v0Dgfc FC
Dgfc FC2v1ryan FC
Dsasel1234 FC2v4Colo FC
Colo FC0v1Dsasel1234 FC
bolat FC3v2Sepia AC
Sepia AC2v1bolat FC
Colossal A.C.5v2FC Kislali
FC Kislali1v1Colossal A.C.
AC Ceaseless0v3Hapos HSV Team
Hapos HSV Team2v0AC Ceaseless
Soares 20131v1chocolate FC
chocolate FC0v3Soares 2013
Dgfc FC3v0City
City2v1Dgfc FC
hb FC3v1Dsasel1234 FC
Dsasel1234 FC1v1hb FC
Sepia AC0v1ryan FC
ryan FC1v5Sepia AC
Colo FC0v3bolat FC
bolat FC3v2Colo FC

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