Tony Billington Winter League 2014-15

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1P Johnson/ J Crane00000000
2N O'Donnell / A O'Donnell00000000
3P McManus / T Skerritt00000000
4P Quinn / J Kirwan00000000
5S Barlow / I Hales00000000
6M Lynch / T Golds00000000
7J Doodson / J Doodson00000000
8G Brownhill / M Brownhill00000000
9F Howarth / S Greasley00000000
10J Beaumont / P Thomason00000000
11J Cone / J Gilsenan00000000
12J Davies / M Foley00000000
13A Moran / M Gauci00000000

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