TOBIAS HAINYEKO soccer league

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Kwenye United 22136365194645
2Super 11 23128340221844
3Flamingo 24126634191542
4Catalyst 2312563228441
5Wetu United 2310943427739
7K, West 239773530534
8G/Boy 228953425933
9Muramba united 2210393532333
10Lyambezi 2210393939033
12Desert Eagle 2485112330-729
13Square United 2384112939-1028
15Daptors 2375112637-1126
16Super star 226882334-1126
17Katima 2274113039-925
18Nehamema 2464142539-1422
19Likuwa United 224991826-821
20KP Legend 2216151656-409

Viewed 1404 times

Flamingo 0v2Super 11
Desert Eagle 0v3Y/heoro
Nehamema 0v3Y/kango
Square United 1v0Likuwa United
G/Boy 3v0Daptors
Catalyst 2v0Super star
Wetu United 2v2K, West
Kwenye United 4v0Muramba united
KP Legend 1v3Lyambezi
Flamingo 1v0Katima
Y/fighter1v0Desert Eagle
Super 11 1v1Nehamema
K, West 1v2Flamingo
Desert Eagle 1v1Wetu United
Nehamema 0v2Catalyst
Square United 0v0Daptors
Muramba united 0v1Y/fighter
Super 11 5v1Katima
Y/heoro2v2KP Legend
Y/kango0v0Kwenye United
Likuwa United 3v2Lyambezi
G/Boy 1v0Flamingo
Super star 0v3Desert Eagle
K, West 1v2Nehamema
Catalyst 1v1Daptors
Wetu United 1v0Square United
Katima 0v2Muramba united
KP Legend 0v1Y/fighter
Kwenye United 0v1Super 11
Lyambezi 0v2Y/heoro
Flamingo 0v2Y/kango
Likuwa United 0v1Desert Eagle
Nehamema 0v3G/Boy
Square United 0v4Super star
Daptors 0v1K, West
Catalyst 0v3Wetu United
Muramba united 2v1Likuwa United
Lyambezi 3v0Desert Eagle
Muramba united 1v0Flamingo
KP Legend 1v1Nehamema
Flamingo 6v1Lyambezi
Katima 5v0Square United
Daptors 4v3Y/fighter
Super 11 3v0Catalyst
Wetu United 4v0Y/heoro
K, West 2v2Y/kango
Super star 2v1Likuwa United
Muramba united 1v1G/Boy
KP Legend 2v1Square United
Katima 0v1Daptors
Kwenye United 2v0Nehamema
Flamingo 1v1Wetu United
Super 11 3v2Square United
Super 11 1v0Y/heoro
Katima 0v1Y/fighter
Kwenye United 4v2Desert Eagle
Wetu United 1v0Catalyst
Daptors 1v2K, West
Square United 0v2Super star
G/Boy 3v2Nehamema
Likuwa United 1v1Desert Eagle
Super 11 3v5Kwenye United
Y/fighter3v1KP Legend
Muramba united 3v0Katima
Daptors 2v2Catalyst
Square United 1v1Wetu United
K, West 2v1Nehamema
Desert Eagle 3v1Super star
Flamingo 2v1G/Boy
Lyambezi 1v1Likuwa United
Kwenye United 0v1Y/kango
KP Legend 0v5Y/heoro
Super 11 2v2Katima
Muramba united 4v3Y/fighter
Daptors 1v1Square United
Catalyst 2v1Nehamema
Wetu United 0v1Desert Eagle
K, West 1v1Flamingo
Super star 0v7Lyambezi
Kwenye United 2v2G/Boy
KP Legend 0v0Likuwa United
Katima 1v0Y/kango
Super 11 2v2Muramba united
Nehamema 1v2Square United
Desert Eagle 1v0Daptors
Flamingo 1v2Catalyst
Lyambezi 1v1Wetu United
Y/heoro0v2Desert Eagle
Kwenye United 4v0K, West
KP Legend 1v1Super star
Katima 1v3G/Boy
Likuwa United 0v0Y/fighter
Super 11 1v0Y/kango
Muramba united 1v0Y/heoro
Nehamema 1v0Desert Eagle
Flamingo 1v0Square United
Daptors 1v2Lyambezi
Catalyst 0v6Kwenye United
Wetu United 1v1KP Legend
K, West 2v2Katima
Y/fighter2v3Super star
G/Boy 1v1Super 11
Y/heoro2v1Likuwa United
Muramba united 0v1Y/kango
Flamingo 0v0Desert Eagle
Lyambezi 0v3Nehamema
Kwenye United 1v1Square United
KP Legend 0v2Daptors
Katima 0v1Catalyst
Wetu United 4v2Y/fighter
Super 11 0v2K, West
Y/heoro0v0Super star
Lyambezi 0v3Kwenye United
KP Legend 0v2Flamingo
Katima 4v1Desert Eagle
Likuwa United 0v0Wetu United
G/Boy 3v2K, West
Super star 3v1Muramba united
Kwenye United 7v0KP Legend
Lyambezi 1v2Katima
Flamingo 0v1Y/fighter
Desert Eagle 1v1Super 11
Nehamema 1v1Y/heoro
Y/kango2v0Square United
Daptors 2v0Likuwa United
Catalyst 1v0G/Boy
Wetu United 1v0Super star
Muramba united 1v1K, West
KP Legend 1v2Katima
Y/fighter1v1Kwenye United
Super 11 3v1Lyambezi
Flamingo 3v1Y/heoro
Desert Eagle 0v1Y/kango
Likuwa United 2v1Nehamema
G/Boy 2v4Square United
Super star 1v0Daptors
K, West 1v1Catalyst
Muramba united 1v4Wetu United
KP Legend 1v4Super 11
Kwenye United 2v3Y/heoro
Flamingo 4v1Likuwa United
Desert Eagle 0v0G/Boy
Nehamema 0v0Super star
Square United 1v4K, West
Daptors 2v2Wetu United
Muramba united 0v1Catalyst
Super 11 2v0Y/fighter
Y/kango3v1KP Legend
Likuwa United 3v3Kwenye United
Lyambezi 2v1G/Boy
Flamingo 2v1Super star
K, West 2v1Desert Eagle
Wetu United 0v3Nehamema
Catalyst 2v1Square United
Daptors 0v4Muramba united
Katima 1v1Likuwa United
KP Legend 1v1G/Boy
Kwenye United 6v2Super star
Lyambezi 1v0K, West
Catalyst 1v0Desert Eagle
Nehamema 1v3Daptors
Muramba united 2v5Square United
Likuwa United 0v0Super 11
G/Boy 4v0Y/fighter
Super star 0v0Katima
KP Legend 0v1K, West
Wetu United 0v3Kwenye United
Catalyst 0v0Lyambezi
Daptors 0v2Flamingo
Desert Eagle 1v2Square United
Nehamema 1v3Muramba united
Y/kango1v0Likuwa United
Super 11 0v0Super star
Y/fighter1v3K, West
Wetu United 1v6Katima
KP Legend 1v6Catalyst
Kwenye United 5v0Daptors
Lyambezi 4v2Square United
Flamingo 3v1Nehamema
Muramba united 2v0Desert Eagle
G/Boy 0v0Likuwa United
Super star 0v0Y/kango
K, West 4v0Y/heoro
Wetu United 1v0Super 11
G/Boy 1v1Super star
Likuwa United 1v0K, West
Y/kango1v2Wetu United
Super 11 2v1Daptors
Y/fighter0v1Square United
Katima 2v1Nehamema
KP Legend 2v3Desert Eagle
Kwenye United 0v0Flamingo
Muramba united 1v2Lyambezi
K, West 1v1Super star
G/Boy 1v1Wetu United
Catalyst 0v2Likuwa United
Daptors 2v1Y/kango
Square United 2v0Y/heoro
Super 11 2v0Nehamema
Desert Eagle 1v0Y/fighter
Flamingo 2v0Katima
KP Legend 0v3Lyambezi
Muramba united 0v2Kwenye United
K, West 0v2Wetu United
Super star 1v3Catalyst
Daptors 0v2G/Boy
Likuwa United 0v2Square United
Nehamema 1v0Y/kango
Super 11 1v1Flamingo
Kwenye United 5v0Katima
Muramba united 4v0KP Legend

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