Tjfa u11 yellow

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Saltburn sharks11100146163030
2Guisborough town1180345143124
4Thirsk clarets105144233916
5Richmond blues144463544-916
6Teesside rangers 85033434015
7Richmond royals104152322113
10Bishop Auckland102082041-216

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Teesside rangers 1v3Guisborough town
Richmond royals3v1Richmond blues
Leven1v4Saltburn sharks
Kader4v1Thirsk clarets
Trimdon3v1Richmond royals
Teesside rangers 8v6Leven
Guisborough town6v0Bishop Auckland
Richmond blues1v2Saltburn sharks
Trimdon2v2Richmond blues
Thirsk clarets1v5Richmond royals
Guisborough town2v4Saltburn sharks
Bishop Auckland1v6Leven
Kader1v4Guisborough town
Thirsk clarets6v1Teesside rangers
Guisborough town8v2Richmond blues
Bishop Auckland1v3Richmond royals
Saltburn sharks7v1Thirsk clarets
Richmond blues3v3Leven
Bishop Auckland6v3Richmond blues
Richmond royals1v2Leven
Teesside rangers 4v3Thirsk clarets
Saltburn sharks5v1Richmond blues
Guisborough town4v0Kader
Saltburn sharks3v1Bishop Auckland
Richmond blues5v4Teesside rangers
Trimdon1v0Guisborough town
Thirsk clarets7v0Leven
Saltburn sharks5v0Leven
Richmond blues3v1Guisborough town
Thirsk clarets7v1Bishop Auckland
Saltburn sharks2v3Trimdon
Richmond blues3v1Kader
Guisborough town4v0Leven
Trimdon2v1Bishop Auckland
Saltburn sharks4v1Kader
Richmond royals2v4Thirsk clarets
Leven1v5Richmond blues
Teesside rangers 6v4Kader
Richmond royals3v1Trimdon
Richmond blues5v5Thirsk clarets
Teesside rangers 5v3Trimdon
Saltburn sharks3v2Richmond royals
Richmond blues0v2Bishop Auckland
Leven1v9Guisborough town
Bishop Auckland3v4Trimdon
Richmond blues1v1Richmond royals
Kader3v7Saltburn sharks
Leven4v5Teesside rangers
Bishop Auckland4v7Thirsk clarets
Kader5v2Richmond royals
Guisborough town4v1Trimdon

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