Tjfa u10's div 3

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Richmond town13102153193432
2Thirsk falcons blue1394044133131
3Thirsk falcons clarets136163232019
4Teesside rangers125343527818
5Skelton united105321511418
6Guisborough town105051923-415
7Kader fc united115062025-515
8Kader fc134182629-313
9Normanby united112091533-186
10Redcar athletic100010451-470

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Thirsk falcons blue2v0Richmond town
Teesside rangers0v0Skelton united
Guisborough town1v5Thirsk falcons clarets
Thirsk falcons blue4v0Teesside rangers
Richmond town9v1Kader fc united
Kader fc2v1Normanby united
Thirsk falcons blue4v0Thirsk falcons clarets
Teesside rangers4v0Kader fc
Skelton united1v1Richmond town
Thirsk falcons blue5v0Redcar athletic
Richmond town6v3Thirsk falcons clarets
Kader fc united0v1Skelton united
Kader fc1v2Guisborough town
Thirsk falcons blue4v0Guisborough town
Richmond town1v0Kader fc
Normanby united1v3Thirsk falcons clarets
Kader fc united2v3Teesside rangers
Redcar athletic0v6Kader fc united
Thirsk falcons clarets4v1Normanby united
Kader fc united3v1Kader fc
Guisborough town3v1Teesside rangers
Richmond town4v0Normanby united
Thirsk falcons blue5v1Kader fc united
Redcar athletic0v6Thirsk falcons clarets
Kader fc0v2Skelton united
Thirsk falcons clarets3v0Kader fc
Teesside rangers3v1Redcar athletic
Skelton united2v2Thirsk falcons blue
Kader fc united0v1Richmond town
Guisborough town3v2Normanby united
Thirsk falcons blue1v1Thirsk falcons clarets
Richmond town3v2Skelton united
Redcar athletic1v4Normanby united
Kader fc6v3Teesside rangers
Thirsk falcons clarets1v6Richmond town
Teesside rangers4v4Thirsk falcons blue
Normanby united0v4Kader fc
Guisborough town5v0Redcar athletic
Kader fc5v0Redcar athletic
Thirsk falcons blue3v1Normanby united
Thirsk falcons clarets3v1Skelton united
Richmond town4v4Teesside rangers
Kader fc united3v1Guisborough town
Thirsk falcons blue3v1Redcar athletic
Skelton united2v0Kader fc united
Thirsk falcons clarets1v7Teesside rangers
Normanby united1v4Richmond town
Guisborough town3v1Kader fc
Thirsk falcons blue3v3Kader fc
Skelton united2v1Guisborough town
Richmond town10v1Redcar athletic
Normanby united0v5Teesside rangers
Kader fc united2v1Thirsk falcons clarets
Skelton united2v1Thirsk falcons clarets
Normanby united4v0Redcar athletic
Teesside rangers1v2Kader fc united
Kader fc3v4Richmond town
Guisborough town0v4Thirsk falcons blue

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