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Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1East middlesbrough 18180088137554
2Richmond Town 18122451341738
3Thirsk blues18104457292834
4Skelton united 18111653252834
5Thirsk clarets 1810355143833
6Teesside rangers187386369-624
7Brompton juniors1862104360-1720
8Redcar Athletic 1832132973-4411
9South park rangers 1831141965-4610
10Cleveland juniors1802161457-432

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East middlesbrough 7v1South park rangers
Cleveland juniors2v8Teesside rangers
Richmond Town 1v0Redcar Athletic
Brompton juniors4v1South park rangers
Skelton united 1v2East middlesbrough
Skelton united 0v1Thirsk blues
Richmond Town 2v0South park rangers
East middlesbrough 6v0Teesside rangers
Thirsk blues2v3Richmond Town
Thirsk clarets 3v0Brompton juniors
Skelton united 4v0Teesside rangers
Thirsk clarets 3v1Skelton united
Redcar Athletic 1v5Thirsk blues
East middlesbrough 1v0Cleveland juniors
Skelton united 0v3Richmond Town
East middlesbrough 5v1Redcar Athletic
Brompton juniors6v6Teesside rangers
Thirsk clarets 2v2Thirsk blues
Thirsk blues0v2East middlesbrough
Thirsk clarets 2v1Cleveland juniors
Teesside rangers3v3Richmond Town
South park rangers 0v5Thirsk blues
Redcar Athletic 0v6Skelton united
Brompton juniors0v8East middlesbrough
Thirsk clarets 5v4Teesside rangers
Cleveland juniors1v1Brompton juniors
Thirsk blues2v2Teesside rangers
South park rangers 0v3Skelton united
East middlesbrough 3v2Thirsk clarets
Brompton juniors2v3Richmond Town
Teesside rangers5v3Redcar Athletic
Richmond Town 3v0Cleveland juniors
South park rangers 3v1Cleveland juniors
Redcar Athletic 0v1Thirsk clarets
Redcar Athletic 0v7East middlesbrough
Thirsk clarets 5v0South park rangers
Teesside rangers5v4Brompton juniors
Richmond Town 1v1Skelton united
Cleveland juniors1v1Thirsk blues
Thirsk blues2v2Thirsk clarets
South park rangers 2v5Teesside rangers
Skelton united 4v0Cleveland juniors
Richmond Town 1v4East middlesbrough
Brompton juniors3v0Redcar Athletic
Teesside rangers3v2South park rangers
Richmond Town 5v2Thirsk clarets
Redcar Athletic 1v7Brompton juniors
Cleveland juniors0v4Skelton united
Teesside rangers3v5Thirsk blues
Redcar Athletic 5v1South park rangers
Cleveland juniors0v5Richmond Town
Thirsk blues6v2Redcar Athletic
South park rangers 0v3Brompton juniors
Skelton united 2v0Thirsk clarets
Cleveland juniors2v6East middlesbrough
East middlesbrough 6v1Brompton juniors
Thirsk clarets 1v3Richmond Town
Teesside rangers2v7Skelton united
Redcar Athletic 3v1Cleveland juniors
East middlesbrough 7v0South park rangers
Brompton juniors1v6Thirsk blues
Thirsk blues2v1Brompton juniors
Richmond Town 6v2Teesside rangers
Thirsk blues3v1South park rangers
Skelton united 4v3Redcar Athletic
Cleveland juniors2v3Thirsk clarets
Teesside rangers3v0Cleveland juniors
South park rangers 1v4Thirsk clarets
Redcar Athletic 1v8Richmond Town
East middlesbrough 6v1Thirsk blues
Brompton juniors5v4Skelton united
Thirsk clarets 1v7East middlesbrough
Skelton united 4v0South park rangers
Richmond Town 2v1Brompton juniors
Cleveland juniors2v3Redcar Athletic
Thirsk blues1v2Skelton united
Teesside rangers5v6Thirsk clarets
South park rangers 2v2Redcar Athletic
East middlesbrough 3v1Richmond Town
Brompton juniors1v0Cleveland juniors
Thirsk clarets 2v2Redcar Athletic
Teesside rangers0v4East middlesbrough
Skelton united 5v0Brompton juniors
Richmond Town 0v9Thirsk blues
Cleveland juniors1v2South park rangers
Redcar Athletic 2v7Teesside rangers
Thirsk blues4v0Cleveland juniors
Brompton juniors3v7Thirsk clarets
East middlesbrough 4v1Skelton united
South park rangers 3v1Richmond Town

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