Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Waldemar Hoffmann 6600126834318
2Jean Sommer 630311010559
3Stephan Waitz6303105110-59
4Sven Gutmann 600683126-430

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Stephan Waitz21v19Jean Sommer
Sven Gutmann 11v21Jean Sommer
Waldemar Hoffmann 21v9Jean Sommer
Waldemar Hoffmann 21v11Sven Gutmann
Stephan Waitz21v15Sven Gutmann
Stephan Waitz15v21Waldemar Hoffmann
Stephan Waitz13v21Waldemar Hoffmann
Sven Gutmann 17v21Jean Sommer
Sven Gutmann 16v21Waldemar Hoffmann
Sven Gutmann 13v21Stephan Waitz
Jean Sommer 21v14Stephan Waitz
Jean Sommer 19v21Waldemar Hoffmann

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