Thursday Night Co-Ed Soccer

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1FC Hooligans (green)540132102212
2American Outlaws (white)531137191810
3Pink Panthers (black)5302181629
4Happy Feet (blue)53022025-59
5Lucky Ducks (yellow)51041838-203
6Schwety Ballers (red)50141229-171
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American Outlaws (white)7v4FC Hooligans (green)
Pink Panthers (black)5v4Schwety Ballers (red)
Happy Feet (blue)6v5Lucky Ducks (yellow)
Happy Feet (blue)7v0Schwety Ballers (red)
FC Hooligans (green)13v1Lucky Ducks (yellow)
Pink Panthers (black)3v2American Outlaws (white)
Pink Panthers (black)6v0Lucky Ducks (yellow)
American Outlaws (white)6v6Schwety Ballers (red)
FC Hooligans (green)6v1Happy Feet (blue)
Schwety Ballers (red)2v8Lucky Ducks (yellow)
Pink Panthers (black)1v6FC Hooligans (green)
American Outlaws (white)11v2Happy Feet (blue)
Happy Feet (blue)4v3Pink Panthers (black)
FC Hooligans (green)3v0Schwety Ballers (red)
American Outlaws (white)11v4Lucky Ducks (yellow)

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