Thursday Men's Spring A

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1The Heat 22170555934121868
3Beach Coconuts 22170551237713568
5Suicide Squad2211011436477-4144
6Hot Doughnuts229013391465-7436
7Net Minute 222020330581-2518
8Good Sesh181017275479-2044

Viewed 65 times

Net Minute 12v31GVP
GVP19v21Beach Coconuts
Net Minute 11v28Suicide Squad
Facarp30v12Hot Doughnuts
Good Sesh11v24Hot Doughnuts
The Heat 14v25Facarp
The Heat 30v13Good Sesh
Beach Coconuts 15v21Suicide Squad
The Heat 18v22Facarp
Hot Doughnuts20v19Facarp
Net Minute 17v23The Heat
Beach Coconuts 21v17Hot Doughnuts
Suicide Squad22v15Net Minute
Good Sesh17v25Beach Coconuts
GVP17v22Suicide Squad
GVP27v11Good Sesh
Hot Doughnuts14v32GVP
Net Minute 10v31Facarp
The Heat 28v16Hot Doughnuts
Good Sesh33v13Net Minute
Suicide Squad15v21The Heat
Beach Coconuts 28v18Good Sesh
Beach Coconuts 25v11Suicide Squad
Net Minute 12v18Facarp
Suicide Squad18v30Facarp
GVP20v19Net Minute
Beach Coconuts 27v13Suicide Squad
Hot Doughnuts19v18GVP
The Heat 19v14Beach Coconuts
Good Sesh18v26Hot Doughnuts
Good Sesh8v36The Heat
Beach Coconuts 28v11Suicide Squad
Good Sesh19v26Suicide Squad
Net Minute 19v24Beach Coconuts
GVP46v12Good Sesh
Hot Doughnuts14v32Net Minute
The Heat 28v21GVP
Facarp26v13Hot Doughnuts
Facarp19v16The Heat
Facarp21v13The Heat
Net Minute 10v32The Heat
Hot Doughnuts16v20Facarp
Suicide Squad23v24Net Minute
GVP21v14Hot Doughnuts
Good Sesh18v21Suicide Squad
Beach Coconuts 27v13GVP
Beach Coconuts 30v6Good Sesh
The Heat 28v14GVP
Hot Doughnuts20v19GVP
Net Minute 9v24The Heat
Suicide Squad20v24Hot Doughnuts
Facarp42v8Net Minute
Beach Coconuts 29v25Suicide Squad
Beach Coconuts 17v22Facarp
Net Minute 17v23Beach Coconuts
The Heat 18v24Beach Coconuts
Hot Doughnuts20v12Net Minute
Good Sesh14v37The Heat
Facarp21v14Hot Doughnuts
GVP23v18Good Sesh
Suicide Squad13v24Facarp
Suicide Squad24v21GVP
Suicide Squad20v21Hot Doughnuts
GVP18v21Hot Doughnuts
Beach Coconuts 18v25Suicide Squad
Good Sesh19v22GVP
Net Minute 15v34Beach Coconuts
The Heat 20v15Good Sesh
Facarp26v17Net Minute
Facarp14v26The Heat
The Heat 40v11Net Minute
Beach Coconuts 21v19Net Minute
Suicide Squad14v39The Heat
Hot Doughnuts19v20Beach Coconuts
Hot Doughnuts16v19Suicide Squad
Good Sesh13v23GVP
Hot Doughnuts18v19Facarp
Beach Coconuts 22v12Good Sesh
The Heat 21v13Hot Doughnuts
Suicide Squad21v19Beach Coconuts
Net Minute 12v28The Heat
Net Minute 16v24Suicide Squad

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