Thursday Men's B

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Set Us Up21181260738022774
2Crazy Beaches21152460237822464
3Good Sesh16150156829127760
4Those Guys 19130653739614152
5Ballsy Kents1812244353577852
8Setsual Healing1910094934336040
9Sets On The Beach19829472469336
10Not So Fit206212434579-14528
12PB & J173113313487-17414
13Tune Squad7304177172512
16Spike Nation5104104137-334
17Lanka Lions201019341710-3694

Viewed 257 times

Set Us Up20v16Spiros
Crazy Beaches27v16Spiros
TBA22v25Set Us Up
Ballsy Kents20v20Crazy Beaches
Those Guys 38v23TBA
Panthers18v30Ballsy Kents
Yirara14v40Those Guys
Lanka Lions8v44Setsual Healing
Not So Fit18v44Setsual Healing
Spikodactle33v14Lanka Lions
Good Sesh33v14PB & J
Good Sesh37v15Sets On The Beach
Crazy Beaches33v15TBA
Set Us Up31v21Those Guys
Sets On The Beach14v41Crazy Beaches
Not So Fit18v37Set Us Up
Lanka Lions16v30Sets On The Beach
Lanka Lions22v32Not So Fit
Spikodactle17v25Set Us Up
PB & J19v26Panthers
PB & J21v32Crazy Beaches
Setsual Healing30v13Spike Nation
Tune Squad32v24Spike Nation
Ballsy Kents20v25Setsual Healing
Spiros22v17Tune Squad
Spiros34v14Ballsy Kents
Crazy Beaches21v23Those Guys
Lanka Lions24v26Those Guys
Panthers17v21Crazy Beaches
Panthers35v10Lanka Lions
Set Us Up30v17Setsual Healing
Sets On The Beach14v32Setsual Healing
Yirara33v33Not So Fit
TBA33v21Not So Fit
PB & J8v32Spiros
Sets On The Beach18v32Spiros
Set Us Up34v21PB & J
Setsual Healing14v18Spiros
Set Us Up25v18Spiros
PB & J25v23Setsual Healing
Ballsy Kents18v18Set Us Up
Good Sesh38v14PB & J
Those Guys 16v19Ballsy Kents
Yirara12v44Crazy Beaches
Yirara14v44Those Guys
Sets On The Beach23v24TBA
Sets On The Beach27v20Spikodactle
Panthers31v20Lanka Lions
Tune Squad37v14Lanka Lions
Not So Fit20v28Panthers
Good Sesh40v18Tune Squad
Crazy Beaches43v9Not So Fit
Those Guys 40v8Lanka Lions
Panthers12v34Sets On The Beach
TBA20v27Sets On The Beach
Not So Fit30v27Panthers
Not So Fit17v25Good Sesh
Spiros11v23Not So Fit
Lanka Lions16v31Crazy Beaches
Sets On The Beach19v19Crazy Beaches
Spiros43v14Lanka Lions
TBA22v25Sets On The Beach
Not So Fit18v32Spiros
Panthers26v26Not So Fit
Those Guys 24v26Ballsy Kents
Yirara22v29Ballsy Kents
PB & J21v29Those Guys
Set Us Up38v12Yirara
Good Sesh38v12PB & J
Setsual Healing18v30Set Us Up
Tune Squad18v33Good Sesh
Good Sesh49v12Lanka Lions
Crazy Beaches49v12Lanka Lions
Set Us Up22v33Good Sesh
Panthers20v33Crazy Beaches
Not So Fit19v37Set Us Up
Sets On The Beach32v16Not So Fit
Sets On The Beach22v31TBA
Setsual Healing29v14Spiros
Ballsy Kents30v23Spiros
Those Guys 30v23Setsual Healing
Yirara18v38Ballsy Kents
PB & J26v28Those Guys
PB & J23v18Yirara
Yirara17v31Ballsy Kents
PB & J23v28Ballsy Kents
Spiros28v17Those Guys
TBA18v31Those Guys
Crazy Beaches18v25Spiros
Crazy Beaches24v15TBA
Sets On The Beach16v33Set Us Up
Lanka Lions8v59Sets On The Beach
Panthers13v30Set Us Up
Not So Fit26v23Lanka Lions
Setsual Healing26v22Panthers
Good Sesh36v24Not So Fit
Good Sesh40v22Setsual Healing
Lanka Lions11v46Set Us Up
Crazy Beaches22v27Set Us Up
PB & J12v25Those Guys
Ballsy Kents18v23Crazy Beaches
Good Sesh31v19PB & J
Setsual Healing10v29Ballsy Kents
Yirara18v39Setsual Healing
PB & J20v20Sets On The Beach
Setsual Healing32v24Sets On The Beach
Set Us Up35v12TBA
Not So Fit16v18Set Us Up
Not So Fit25v24Spikodactle
Setsual Healing16v26Spike Nation
Those Guys 19v26Panthers
Crazy Beaches32v13Those Guys
Ballsy Kents19v18Spiros
Good Sesh23v20Crazy Beaches
Lanka Lions12v24Ballsy Kents
Yirara15v60Good Sesh
Yirara18v57Lanka Lions
Not So Fit16v29Ballsy Kents
PB & J20v13Ballsy Kents
Lanka Lions19v27Not So Fit
Spiros39v15PB & J
Those Guys 30v21Lanka Lions
Spike Nation19v27Spiros
Yirara9v43Those Guys
Yirara21v33Good Sesh
Sets On The Beach21v32Setsual Healing
Tune Squad21v23Crazy Beaches
Spikodactle22v26Crazy Beaches
Spikodactle16v34Tune Squad
Set Us Up18v21TBA
Setsual Healing17v33TBA
Good Sesh19v28Set Us Up
Sets On The Beach32v22Spike Nation

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