Thursday Men's B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
3De Lujo20130749034214852
4Set Us Up20120846536510048
5Good Sesh1812064243665848
6Those Guys20111850840610246
7Tune Squad2011095264616544
9Notorious Dig191108429437-844
10Early Birds20100104483747440
11Casual Game2091104744452938
12You Dig218211448460-1236
13White Pointers207013460536-7628
14Sets Of Anarchy204016335609-27416
15Mighty Mud Crabs203017347654-30712

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Good Sesh35v17Sets Of Anarchy
Notorious Dig29v25Sets Of Anarchy
Tune Squad29v34Good Sesh
Panthers31v24Notorious Dig
White Pointers9v49Tune Squad
Mighty Mud Crabs24v29Panthers
Yirara28v33White Pointers
Yirara25v39Mighty Mud Crabs
FUGLY33v21Casual Game
Set Us Up20v14Casual Game
De Lujo20v26FUGLY
You Dig17v28Set Us Up
Those Guys21v24De Lujo
PB+J30v14You Dig
Early Birds20v19Those Guys
Early Birds18v19PB+J
FUGLY30v15Early Birds
Those Guys28v22Early Birds
Tune Squad18v22Those Guys
De Lujo27v20Panthers
Casual Game26v22Tune Squad
PB+J21v27De Lujo
Notorious Dig24v19Set Us Up
White Pointers15v24Set Us Up
Mighty Mud Crabs12v31You Dig
Sets Of Anarchy18v29White Pointers
Sets Of Anarchy26v12Mighty Mud Crabs
Yirara7v45You Dig
Casual Game23v27You Dig
Tune Squad22v20De Lujo
PB+J14v22De Lujo
Sets Of Anarchy11v51Tune Squad
Those Guys40v12Sets Of Anarchy
Casual Game18v28Panthers
Mighty Mud Crabs22v43Those Guys
Mighty Mud Crabs17v30Casual Game
You Dig12v35FUGLY
Set Us Up25v22FUGLY
Good Sesh27v23You Dig
Notorious Dig12v34Set Us Up
White Pointers17v28Good Sesh
Early Birds22v26Notorious Dig
Yirara12v71White Pointers
Yirara13v35Early Birds
White Pointers7v4Mighty Mud Crabs
White Pointers7v4Sets Of Anarchy
Notorious Dig7v4Sets Of Anarchy
Notorious Dig7v4You Dig
Tune Squad7v4Set Us Up
Early Birds7v4Set Us Up
Good Sesh7v4Early Birds
Good Sesh7v4Casual Game
De Lujo7v4Those Guys
De Lujo7v4Those Guys
FUGLY7v4You Dig
Panthers7v4Early Birds
Panthers7v4Early Birds
Sets Of Anarchy7v0Yirara
Tune Squad16v22Set Us Up
De Lujo16v20Set Us Up
Mighty Mud Crabs27v36Tune Squad
Good Sesh24v22De Lujo
PB+J39v8Mighty Mud Crabs
Casual Game16v32Good Sesh
Sets Of Anarchy17v24PB+J
Sets Of Anarchy26v36Casual Game
Those Guys32v21Early Birds
White Pointers27v28Early Birds
You Dig25v25Those Guys
Panthers26v28White Pointers
FUGLY33v11You Dig
Notorious Dig16v21Panthers
Yirara20v55Notorious Dig
Those Guys25v20PB+J
Mighty Mud Crabs21v37PB+J
Tune Squad31v20Mighty Mud Crabs
Good Sesh26v11Tune Squad
Casual Game23v33Tune Squad
FUGLY34v17Good Sesh
Notorious Dig29v17Casual Game
Notorious Dig19v31FUGLY
Mighty Mud Crabs23v20White Pointers
De Lujo29v13White Pointers
You Dig18v28Those Guys
Panthers29v14De Lujo
Set Us Up16v23You Dig
Sets Of Anarchy11v39Panthers
Sets Of Anarchy14v43Set Us Up
Yirara25v26Sets Of Anarchy
Notorious Dig31v20PB+J
Early Birds18v30FUGLY
Tune Squad38v15Notorious Dig
Sets Of Anarchy27v28Early Birds
Panthers28v31Tune Squad
Mighty Mud Crabs33v26Sets Of Anarchy
Mighty Mud Crabs17v39Panthers
De Lujo29v12You Dig
White Pointers22v29You Dig
Good Sesh8v32De Lujo
Those Guys33v25White Pointers
Casual Game26v22Good Sesh
Set Us Up25v22Those Guys
Yirara8v53Casual Game
Yirara7v53Set Us Up
Those Guys17v26Notorious Dig
You Dig19v28Notorious Dig
Good Sesh24v22Those Guys
Panthers19v20You Dig
Casual Game21v20Good Sesh
De Lujo16v23Casual Game
Yirara9v41Casual Game
Yirara19v32De Lujo
FUGLY37v14Tune Squad
White Pointers26v30Tune Squad
Mighty Mud Crabs6v34FUGLY
PB+J42v14White Pointers
Sets Of Anarchy36v13Mighty Mud Crabs
Set Us Up15v33PB+J
Early Birds39v13Sets Of Anarchy
Early Birds24v15Set Us Up
Sets Of Anarchy4v64De Lujo
You Dig19v28De Lujo
Early Birds55v11Sets Of Anarchy
Set Us Up20v23You Dig
Mighty Mud Crabs17v40Early Birds
White Pointers19v27Set Us Up
PB+J41v11Mighty Mud Crabs
PB+J49v16White Pointers
FUGLY31v11Casual Game
Notorious Dig14v26Casual Game
Good Sesh23v25FUGLY
Tune Squad22v24Notorious Dig
Those Guys28v30Good Sesh
Panthers28v22Tune Squad
Yirara20v32Those Guys
Tune Squad29v28White Pointers
Notorious Dig24v34White Pointers
De Lujo31v15Tune Squad
FUGLY33v19Notorious Dig
Those Guys24v23De Lujo
Yirara17v39Those Guys
Set Us Up14v40Good Sesh
PB+J21v20Good Sesh
Early Birds18v22PB+J
Mighty Mud Crabs10v37Set Us Up
Casual Game20v26Early Birds
You Dig47v11Mighty Mud Crabs
You Dig25v25Casual Game

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