Thursday Men's B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Set Us Up19161257035421666
2Your Mum's Athletic 18150352734618160
4Sets Of Anarchy2012175174308750
5Early Birds22120105584877148
6Those Guys211128466481-1548
7Tune Squad2092954443510940
8Bintang Bandits159153843156938
9LA Saints206113414498-8426
10Run A Muk186111379495-11626
11Casual Game204115420538-11818
14Ragget Rats 600681324-2430

Viewed 588 times

RCTP14v32Set Us Up
Bintang Bandits20v20Set Us Up
Your Mum's Athletic 32v12RCTP
LA Saints18v28Bintang Bandits
Early Birds20v26Your Mum's Athletic
Sets Of Anarchy27v10LA Saints
Sets Of Anarchy16v32Early Birds
Casual Game21v25Those Guys
Dreamin17v25Those Guys
Tune Squad25v25Casual Game
Run A Muk23v27Dreamin
IPL16v16Tune Squad
IPL24v10Run A Muk
Casual Game22v23LA Saints
Run A Muk29v31LA Saints
Tune Squad30v25Casual Game
Your Mum's Athletic 19v24Run A Muk
Set Us Up22v15Tune Squad
Set Us Up27v13Sets Of Anarchy
Your Mum's Athletic 20v41IPL
Those Guys20v17Bintang Bandits
Early Birds20v17Sets Of Anarchy
RCTP24v26Those Guys
RCTP24v23Early Birds
Bintang Bandits32v23Run A Muk
Sets Of Anarchy35v14Run A Muk
Early Birds24v18Bintang Bandits
Those Guys20v28Sets Of Anarchy
Casual Game17v20Early Birds
Casual Game21v28Those Guys
Your Mum's Athletic 30v11LA Saints
Set Us Up21v20LA Saints
Dreamin14v31Your Mum's Athletic
IPL18v16Set Us Up
Tune Squad43v17Dreamin
Tune Squad25v30IPL
Bintang Bandits28v20Those Guys
Sets Of Anarchy34v13Those Guys
Tune Squad29v17Bintang Bandits
Run A Muk18v32Sets Of Anarchy
LA Saints13v36Tune Squad
Casual Game18v19Run A Muk
Casual Game30v17LA Saints
Your Mum's Athletic 32v17RCTP
Set Us Up40v18RCTP
Dreamin20v36Your Mum's Athletic
IPL21v25Set Us Up
Early Birds36v16Dreamin
Early Birds13v24IPL
Bintang Bandits26v27Your Mum's Athletic
Set Us Up35v15Your Mum's Athletic
Sets Of Anarchy22v26Bintang Bandits
Tune Squad23v25Set Us Up
IPL24v17Sets Of Anarchy
IPL19v23Tune Squad
RCTP21v21Those Guys
Dreamin20v33Those Guys
LA Saints28v24RCTP
Early Birds28v17Dreamin
Casual Game22v17LA Saints
Run A Muk11v40Early Birds
Run A Muk26v21Casual Game
IPL18v36Bintang Bandits
LA Saints18v36Bintang Bandits
Casual Game29v20IPL
Tune Squad29v20LA Saints
Dreamin34v21Casual Game
RCTP26v16Tune Squad
Run A Muk25v24Sets Of Anarchy
Sets Of Anarchy27v24Set Us Up
Early Birds32v18Run A Muk
Those Guys27v18Early Birds
Those Guys27v18Early Birds
Run A Muk25v27IPL
Sets Of Anarchy21v21IPL
Tune Squad40v13Run A Muk
Casual Game19v32Sets Of Anarchy
Set Us Up23v21Tune Squad
Set Us Up35v14Casual Game
Bintang Bandits29v23Dreamin
Early Birds29v23Dreamin
Those Guys15v20Bintang Bandits
Early Birds23v20Those Guys
LA Saints12v17Those Guys
Your Mum's Athletic 28v17Early Birds
Your Mum's Athletic 28v17LA Saints
Sets Of Anarchy27v23RCTP
Tune Squad22v23IPL
Casual Game24v35Sets Of Anarchy
Set Us Up33v17Tune Squad
Set Us Up34v14Casual Game
Those Guys18v28Your Mum's Athletic
Ragget Rats 11v46Your Mum's Athletic
Early Birds23v25Those Guys
LA Saints51v12Ragget Rats
Dreamin32v25Early Birds
Dreamin21v33LA Saints
Sets Of Anarchy29v23Early Birds
Ragget Rats 12v54Early Birds
Tune Squad18v28Sets Of Anarchy
RCTP50v15Ragget Rats
Dreamin20v33Tune Squad
Run A Muk29v24RCTP
Run A Muk25v25Dreamin
Casual Game14v40Set Us Up
Those Guys26v36Set Us Up
LA Saints24v16Casual Game
Your Mum's Athletic 34v19Those Guys
IPL20v19LA Saints
IPL19v22Your Mum's Athletic
Run A Muk21v30IPL
Sets Of Anarchy21v25IPL
Tune Squad14v26Run A Muk
Dreamin24v32Sets Of Anarchy
Ragget Rats 14v69Tune Squad
Set Us Up28v27Dreamin
Set Us Up54v17Ragget Rats
Bintang Bandits31v15Casual Game
RCTP23v32Casual Game
Those Guys23v20Bintang Bandits
Early Birds29v19RCTP
LA Saints18v18Those Guys
Your Mum's Athletic 41v11Early Birds
Your Mum's Athletic 32v14LA Saints

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