Thursday Men's B Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
1Crazy Beaches22211060333227186
2Bro Town22171459537921670
3Dreamin 2213095295121752
4Run A Muk22120105425241848
5LA Saints2210012480529-4940
6Casual Game227015465533-6828
7Those Guys227015492591-9928
8Regulation Sized Balls226016415527-11224
9Set Us Up225017437631-19420
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Those Guys21v22Dreamin
Crazy Beaches26v18Dreamin
Crazy Beaches16v16Bro Town
Run A Muk25v17Set Us Up
LA Saints12v43Bro Town
Casual Game31v22Set Us Up
Those Guys24v33Run A Muk
Casual Game27v22Regulation Sized Balls
LA Saints21v22Regulation Sized Balls
Run A Muk24v21Casual Game
LA Saints35v22Set Us Up
Bro Town35v16Those Guys
Crazy Beaches19v12Casual Game
Set Us Up18v34Crazy Beaches
Regulation Sized Balls29v23Run A Muk
Dreamin 40v23Those Guys
Bro Town25v19Regulation Sized Balls
Dreamin 27v22LA Saints
Those Guys13v12Regulation Sized Balls
LA Saints13v12Regulation Sized Balls
Dreamin 13v12Regulation Sized Balls
Run A Muk13v12Those Guys
Dreamin 13v12Casual Game
Bro Town13v12Set Us Up
Crazy Beaches13v12Regulation Sized Balls
LA Saints13v12Those Guys
Run A Muk13v12Those Guys
Bro Town13v12Set Us Up
Crazy Beaches13v12Regulation Sized Balls
LA Saints13v42Bro Town
LA Saints28v25Those Guys
Casual Game24v21Bro Town
Dreamin 29v25Those Guys
Run A Muk40v12Set Us Up
Run A Muk21v19Regulation Sized Balls
Dreamin 16v25Casual Game
Regulation Sized Balls9v43Crazy Beaches
Crazy Beaches35v13Set Us Up
LA Saints15v33Bro Town
Casual Game31v14Regulation Sized Balls
Regulation Sized Balls22v34Set Us Up
Crazy Beaches29v22Dreamin
Dreamin 19v22Run A Muk
Bro Town13v27Crazy Beaches
LA Saints31v23Run A Muk
Those Guys36v18Set Us Up
Those Guys26v20Casual Game
Crazy Beaches36v15Those Guys
Crazy Beaches24v20Casual Game
Those Guys36v83Run A Muk
Regulation Sized Balls39v15Dreamin
Bro Town24v23LA Saints
Bro Town39v16Dreamin
Run A Muk23v22Set Us Up
Casual Game23v22Set Us Up
Regulation Sized Balls13v31LA Saints
Run A Muk24v31Set Us Up
Run A Muk15v35Bro Town
Crazy Beaches29v14LA Saints
Dreamin 30v25LA Saints
Dreamin 31v17Casual Game
Bro Town14v33Set Us Up
Casual Game21v30Crazy Beaches
Casual Game24v28Regulation Sized Balls
Casual Game23v20Run A Muk
Those Guys28v22Casual Game
Crazy Beaches33v10Run A Muk
Set Us Up24v23Those Guys
LA Saints16v27Crazy Beaches
Dreamin 21v26Set Us Up
Bro Town26v17LA Saints
Bro Town28v11Dreamin
Those Guys30v21Regulation Sized Balls
Bro Town34v12Regulation Sized Balls
Crazy Beaches26v17Dreamin
Set Us Up11v41Bro Town
Casual Game27v31Those Guys
Set Us Up16v34LA Saints
Casual Game21v34Dreamin
LA Saints22v15Run A Muk
Crazy Beaches32v13Run A Muk
Dreamin 26v20LA Saints
Those Guys17v31Crazy Beaches
Run A Muk27v30Dreamin
Bro Town26v15Those Guys
Regulation Sized Balls36v18Run A Muk
Regulation Sized Balls27v22Set Us Up
Casual Game14v26Crazy Beaches
Casual Game18v37LA Saints
Bro Town30v22Set Us Up
Regulation Sized Balls13v33Dreamin
Run A Muk31v11Those Guys
Crazy Beaches30v10Regulation Sized Balls
LA Saints17v26Run A Muk
Bro Town20v24Crazy Beaches
Bro Town24v14Casual Game
Set Us Up14v41Those Guys
Set Us Up14v46Dreamin
Casual Game18v21LA Saints

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