Thursday Men's A Grade

Pos Team P W D L F A +- Pts
2Turf Burners2216154603629866
3Shake & Bake2215164633709362
5Beaches Dig Us2211011446464-1844
6Wolf Pack2292114313914040
8Good Sesh223118356568-21214
9Soliciting Sets222020284655-3718

Viewed 562 times

Soliciting Sets18v17Shake & Bake
Soliciting Sets13v17Shake & Bake
Turf Burners13v17Pirates
Beaches Dig Us21v13Wolf Pack
Soliciting Sets15v38FaCarp
Soliciting Sets10v39Shake & Bake
Good Sesh9v23FaCarp
K.M.B41v7Beaches Dig Us
Turf Burners19v18FaCarp
Good Sesh15v24Wolf Pack
Pirates32v14Soliciting Sets
FaCarp37v8Soliciting Sets
Turf Burners30v11Wolf Pack
Good Sesh11v30Beaches Dig Us
Shake & Bake21v14Turf Burners
Shake & Bake13v23K.M.B
FaCarp21v18Wolf Pack
Good Sesh19v26Pirates
K.M.B19v10Beaches Dig Us
Wolf Pack18v17Pirates
Wolf Pack18v19Shake & Bake
Pirates18v19Shake & Bake
Wolf Pack18v19Shake & Bake
Pirates18v19Shake & Bake
Turf Burners19v19Wolf Pack
K.M.B20v9Wolf Pack
Shake & Bake12v24Good Sesh
Shake & Bake12v24Pirates
Beaches Dig Us13v25K.M.B
Soliciting Sets6v40Pirates
Soliciting Sets13v32FaCarp
Turf Burners25v17Good Sesh
Beaches Dig Us17v18FaCarp
Wolf Pack21v17Good Sesh
Wolf Pack15v21Turf Burners
Pirates23v20Beaches Dig Us
Soliciting Sets15v31Beaches Dig Us
Turf Burners22v14FaCarp
Good Sesh16v29Shake & Bake
Soliciting Sets5v38Shake & Bake
K.M.B17v23Turf Burners
Beaches Dig Us14v35Turf Burners
Good Sesh16v36Beaches Dig Us
Good Sesh12v37FaCarp
Wolf Pack38v8FaCarp
FaCarp16v20Turf Burners
Wolf Pack16v19Turf Burners
Shake & Bake21v23Wolf Pack
Pirates23v18Beaches Dig Us
Good Sesh18v24Beaches Dig Us
Soliciting Sets24v20Good Sesh
Soliciting Sets3v41K.M.B
Shake & Bake14v25K.M.B
FaCarp13v16Turf Burners
Shake & Bake22v10Wolf Pack
Beaches Dig Us31v22Good Sesh
Wolf Pack23v14Soliciting Sets
Beaches Dig Us26v12Soliciting Sets
Shake & Bake19v16Turf Burners
K.M.B24v20Good Sesh
Wolf Pack18v19Turf Burners
Turf Burners18v17Pirates
FaCarp18v20Beaches Dig Us
Soliciting Sets18v25Beaches Dig Us
Good Sesh23v17FaCarp
K.M.B23v17Soliciting Sets
K.M.B25v19Good Sesh
Beaches Dig Us23v19Soliciting Sets
Shake & Bake26v10Soliciting Sets
K.M.B16v11Turf Burners
Good Sesh14v30Turf Burners
Shake & Bake19v19Good Sesh
FaCarp14v23Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack20v12Beaches Dig Us
Pirates18v23Turf Burners
Good Sesh20v17Soliciting Sets
Soliciting Sets7v43K.M.B
Shake & Bake19v17Wolf Pack
FaCarp15v26Turf Burners
Beaches Dig Us20v25Shake & Bake
Good Sesh10v33Beaches Dig Us
Soliciting Sets11v29Turf Burners
K.M.B26v12Turf Burners
Good Sesh5v31Pirates
Wolf Pack20v20K.M.B
FaCarp30v10Good Sesh
Beaches Dig Us4v39Wolf Pack
Soliciting Sets15v35Pirates
Shake & Bake24v11Beaches Dig Us

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